3 Reasons To Do A Sugar Detox

Sugar Detox Nowadays it has become common knowledge to not just health enthusiasts but regular people as well that there are a lot of toxins getting into our body from the things we eat, drink and even the air we breathe. In a bid to make sure that we do not overwhelm the body with these toxins, we are advised to get on a detox program.

One of the most popular detox programs of today is the sugar detox.  This means that for a given period of time (it could be anywhere from 3 days to a month), one decides to completely avoid consuming sugar and foods with high sugar content. The diet then focuses on eating healthy food like veggies, grains and even processed meat. This detox program is therefore not harsh like some other programs that leave you simply consuming nothing but water. In addition to making sure that you are not starving yourself, the vegetables and grains will be great agents of eliminating the toxins in your body. Below are 3 bona fide reasons to do a sugar detox for your own benefit.

Decrease your risk of chronic diseases

Too much sugar in the blood can lead to serious diseases like diabetes and glaucoma. There is also a study that shows that overweight people are more susceptible to cancer than the skinny people. A majority of us do not even realize that we are consuming too much sugar that could put our health at risk, until it is too late. It has been observed that even having one glass of soda a day for a year increases your chances of diabetes by 50%.

Hormonal acne is another hidden cost of sugar dependency. When people say they have hormonal acne, they often make the assumption that there’s nothing they can do about it. This is unfortunate as sugar, high glycemic index carbohydrates and other foods that increase insulin level are among the main factors behind hormonal acne.

By going on the sugar detox, you will be cutting off that dependency that your body has for the sugar. When you are done with the program your body will not be craving sugar like it otherwise would. The period of the detox program is not what cuts down the blood sugar levels to decrease your risk of getting the diseases. The fact that you’ll be eating less sugar after the detox is what really gives you the benefits.

Boost your metabolism and lose weight

One of the reasons that so many people have begun doing the sugar detox is due to the fact that it is a great way of boosting one’s metabolism and thus help in the process of losing weight. Sugars fall in the group of foods called carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are known to be energy giving foods but if you over consume them and lead a sedentary life, they are turned into fats for storage in the body. This means that too much sugar easily leads to obesity. By cutting off the sugar, you force your body to metabolize the fat that you have thus losing weight.

Boost your energy

It is common knowledge that sugars do give you an energy boost. The problem with this boost however is that, it does not last as long as it should. Those who consume too much sugar are therefore always getting tired very quickly. By doing the sugar detox you will be able to keep your energy levels steady for longer as the body does not get sudden flooding of glucose into the blood stream.

Sugar detox is one of the best things you can do for your body. While some people disagree with the idea of detox, nobody denies the fact that eating a lot of sugar is harmful for your health. There is almost no chronic disease that’s not associated with sugar. Just 2 to 3 weeks of dedicated effort can see you free from this widely-abused drug.

Seppo Puusa writes AcneEinstein.com blog – the place for science-based information about natural acne treatments.

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