10 Reasons You Should Give Up Alcohol for Good

alcohol detoxListen for the sound of the champagne cork popping – it’s celebration time!

This basically sums up our society’s obsession with alcohol. As an adult, you’d probably consider it strange to attend any type of formal celebration without raising a glass.

And while no one is knocking you for having alcohol in moderation, you may want to keep your mind open to another way of doing things. Why? Here are 10 reasons:

  1. Your body will heal  – If you drink heavily, you probably know that you’re at risk of developing cirrhosis of the liverBut did you know that regularly drinking a few glasses a night can increase your risk of cancer? Your body converts alcohol to acetaldehyde, which is a potent carcinogen. The more you drink, the more you increase your risk.
  2. You’ll have more money – Let’s say you spend $30 on wine each week. If you have a glass or two each day, that’s a low estimate. You’re spending $120 on alcohol every month. Once you look at it that way, it should be easier to find better uses for that money.
  3. You’ll never have another hangover – Even if you’re never drinking enough to pay tribute to the porcelain god the next morning, you must admit that there are mornings you wish you hadn’t had that extra glass. Alcohol is a toxin, and it can take a noticeable toll on your body.
  4. You won’t have to worry about addiction – If you drink regularly, the thought of alcoholism probably crossed your mind. Did you know that 1 in 8 Americans are reported alcoholics? Losing control is probably easier than you think. If you don’t drink at all, you will never have this worry again.
  5. Alcohol isn’t very satisfying – Soon after you stop drinking, you may realize that alcohol had more of a hold on you than you thought. As a society, we tend to get caught up in the hype surrounding alcohol. We associate alcohol with fun and think it’s harder to have fun without it. Here’s the truth: it isn’t.
  6. You’ll feel smarter – It’s no secret that alcohol has a numbing effect on the mind. That’s actually why many people drink in the first place. But if you want to keep your mind sharp, consider quitting alcohol for good.
  7. You’ll sleep more soundly – Some people mistakenly think that alcohol helps you get a better night’s rest. In fact, it does the opposite. When you stop drinking, you’ll sleep better and have more energy.
  8. You’ll gain time – Drinking isn’t productive time. It’s unplugging the brain and letting go of a little control time. When you stop drinking, you’ll find that you have more time in the day to get things done.
  9. You’ll feel empowered – No matter how much or little you drink, alcohol is a crutch. You may be using it to unwind, relax, forget your problems or let loose and have a good time. Imagine how great it will feel when you realize that you have the power to do all those things without alcohol.
  10. Happiness will overcome you – Alcohol is a depressant. When consumed regularly or in large quantities, it will dull your happiness. When you remove alcohol from your life, you will eventually find a renewed sense of optimism.Related reading: Why You Must Give Up Alcohol On A Detox Diet

If you’re serious about your health and emotional well-being, consider giving up alcohol. As one of those people who just doesn’t drink, you can have more money, feel better and live a more fulfilled life.

Why not give it a try?

Author Bio: Trevor is a freelance writer and recovering addict & alcoholic whose been clean and sober for over 5 years. Since his recovery began he has enjoyed using his talent for words to help spread treatment resources and addiction awareness. In his free time, you can find him working with recovering addicts or outside enjoying about any type of fitness activity imaginable.



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