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Detox Bath with Epsom Bath Salts — Detox

Detox Bath with Epsom Bath Salts

Detox BathSoaking in an Epsom Salt bath is a good way to relax or relieve cleansing reactions you may get when you are on a detox diet program. Epsom Bath Salts is a name for crystals of magnesium sulfate (sulphate in the UK) which can be absorbed through the skin and has many benefits. They were named after the town Epsom in  England which apparently contains high concentrations of magnesium sulfate in its water.

Detox with sulfate

One of the body’s detox pathways known as sulfation (sulphation) uses sulfate and and some people lack it. The sulfatation  pathway is an important route for the detoxification of environmental chemicals, food additives, some drugs and toxins coming from the bowel . It is also used to detoxify normal body hormones such as thyroid and estrogen so they don’t build up.

People with conditions such as multiple chemical sensitivities, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, autism and rheumatoid arthritis have defects in the sulfate pathways and benefit from getting more into their bodies. Soaking in an Epsom salt detox bath 2 or 3 times a week is an excellent way of supplying the sulfate.

Epsom salts are probably better known for their laxative properties. Although magnesium can be absorbed from the digestives system sulfates are not well absorbed at all. Rosemary Waring a researcher from Birmingham University, England  has shown that there is an increase in sulfate in the blood stream after a soak in an Epsom Salt bath.

Magnesium for detox

Magnesium is an often overlooked mineral that is needed for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It is involved in energy production in each cell which enables the cell to perform many of its essential functions including self cleansing. The enzymes involved in the detox process also rely on adequate magnesium. A diet high in fat, sugar, salt and processed food depletes magnesium. Stress reactions use up a lot of magnesium too.

Making the Detox Bath

Use 1 – 2 cups per bath. Dissolve the Epsom salts in hot water and soak for about 15 -20 minutes. Do not be tempted to add any other ingredients as this alters the chemistry of the bath. After the bath immediately go to bed for at least 3 hours or all night under plenty of covers to sweat out toxins. If you don’t like the feel of the salts left on your skin you can have a quick shower to rinse them off. It’s a good idea to wrap yourself in a big fluffy cotton towel. Shower off after your rest  using natural soap and finish with cool water to close the pores.

Don’t have the water too hot if you have any heart problem, high blood pressure, very low blood pressure or are prone to fainting  Make sure you have someone around to help you in case you feel dizzy or faint. You can have a cold towel handy to wrap around your head if you get too hot. Don’t forget to drink plenty of pure water to replace the fluid lost by sweating.

As well as sweating out toxins from the skin layers the sulfate you absorb from the Detox bath with Epsom Bath Salts will enable you to process more toxins that have been released during your detox and help you feel better. there are other baths that can be used and you fill find more information them under skin detox.





  1. I’ve been pondering about this very much… it sure raises a few questions..

  2. I’m disappointed. I’ve been taking this bath: two cups epsom salts, two cups baking soda, and one quarter to one half cup FOOD GRADE 12%(not the 3% the percent sold on drug stores) hydrogen peroxide. I add the baking soda to alkalize the water and add h202 to add oxygen. Isn’t this a good combo?

    • Adding other things to Epsom Salts does alter the chemistry. You don’t say why you are disappointed. Not feeling any different perhaps.
      Are you following a detox diet as well? The bath is only part of a detox program. Do you sweat a lot afterwards? It only detoxes the toxins near the skin surface. You may need to do deeper detox to feel any different. Try leave out the baking soda too.


  3. I built a post on how to reduce pore size. Does Epson salt help with skin care?

    I wasn’t sure and didn’t want to write about unless I knew for sure.

    let me know.



    • Hi CJ,

      Yes, Epsom Salts will help with skin care. It can be used for exfoliating and deep skin cleansing if you mix some into a good cleansing lotion.
      When you soak in an Epsom salt bath you increase the circulation to all parts of the body including the skin. That may open the pores
      to start with so they may be cleansed. Whether it will reduce pore size I don’t know.

      Hope that helps.


  4. Epsom Salts are also great for reducing swelling, I used them last summer after being attacked by angry hornets when my dog disturbed their nest in the woods. The swelling went down noticeably and it actually provided more relief than the special sting relief spray I had bought from the chemists.


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