Detox Drink Recipes That Will Surprise You

Detox JuiceWhat do the words detox drink conjure up for you? A concoction of nasty tasting gloop or something tasty and enjoyable?

I have tasted a few pretty horrible detox concoctions in my time but they don’t have to be like that to be effective.

Do you think of a detox drink as something that is hot or cold? Most of the recipes I’ve come across for detox drinks are cold but how about an alkalizing detox soup?

You might not think of a detox soup as a detox drink but it’s ideal to drink for a fall detox. When the weather is cooling down it’s more comforting and warming than drinking cold juices or smoothies.

A hot detox soup can be taken instead of a cup of tea or coffee. You should have given coffee up if you are detoxing but you could drink the broth in place of coffee as you begin to cut down on coffee before the detox. The nutrients in it will help your body cope with the withdrawl better.

Patients who spend time in the health spas in Europe always started the day with a big mug of potassium broth, a cleansing, alkalizing and mineral-rich drink.

This detox drink is ideal for when you need a day without food after a bout of excessive eating or drinking. It’s nourishing and regenerative.

There are many recipes for it, but the principles are the same. The ingredients can be varied according to taste and availablility.

The long simmering draws the minerals out of the vegetables. Minerals are needed for the detox system to function efficiently.

Superfoods Detox Broth                                                                                      detox drink

All ingredients should be organic.

1 large onion including the skin, chopped (white or red)
1⁄2 medium head of chopped cabbage (any variety)
2 carrots, scrubbed but not peeled
1 cup of squash (any variety) chopped into cubes
3-5 small bunches of various chopped greens (kale, dandelion, chard, parsley, cilantro)
2 stalks celery, sliced
1 cup of fresh or dried seaweed (nori, dulse, wakame, kelp, or kombu)
2 stalks of peeled burdock root
1 large peeled daikon root
3 root vegetables scrubbed but not peeled. (especially turnips, parsnips, or rutabagas), chopped
2-3cups fresh/dried mushrooms (maitake, shiitake, oyster, or enoki)
3- 4 quarts of filtered water
Celtic or Himalayan salt


Place all ingredients in a large pot and cover with water.
Bring to the boil and simmer with lid on for 40 – 60 minutes.
Strain the stock to remove the vegetables, mushrooms and seaweed.
Reserve the liquid and throw the rest away or use as compost.
Add a little salt to taste.
Store the broth in the fridge when cool and gently reheat one portion at a time when needed.

If you like, instead of straining the soup, you could drink it as a vegetabe soup. You could also blend the vegetables to make a creamier soup.

You can get more detox soup recipes here

This next detox drink recipe is a cold one. Somehow I don’t find a smoothie as cooling as a juice.

Citrus Detox Smoothie

Makes about 1 liter, (approx 4 servings)

Use organic ingredients where possible.

1 banana, peeled & sliced
1 apple or pear with peel (only if organic), cored & sliced
1⁄2 cup frozen or fresh blueberries (or other seasonal berries)
1⁄2 cup orange juice (or 100% juice of choice)
1⁄2 cup of organic rice milk, or almond milk
4 tablespoons (40g) of flax seed
1⁄2 avocado flesh
About 2 tablespoons (20 mL) of organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
40g (3-4 tablespoons approx for most brands) of Whey powder or (optional)
40g (about 3-4 tablespoons for most brands) of Modified Citrus Pectin (Pectasol C, optional – Citrus pectin helps to detox heavy metals)
8-10 ice cubes (or 1⁄2 cup of filtered water)


Place ingredients in a blender and whizz up until smooth, adding more water as needed. Store remaining mix in the refrigerator.

Be creative, this can be varied according to taste and availability of various fruit. Enjoy 1 tall glass twice a day with or between meals.

The following detox drink is a variation of the well known morning lemon drink.

Morning Lemon Elixir

1 cup warm or room temperature pure water
Juice from 1 organic lemon
1 tsp. raw apple cider vinegar
Pinch of cinnamon
1 teaspoon raw honey or a couple drops of stevia.

Stir and enjoy!

Here’s an unusual liver detox juice. Use less lemon juice and more pear if you find this too sour.

Liven Up My Liver Detox Juice


125g organic green cabbage
Juice of an organic lemon
25g organic celery
250g organic pear
1 inch piece fresh ginger root
500 ml filtered water
4 or 5 fresh mint leaves


Chop the pear, cabbage, celery and ginger into small pieces and put in a blender along with a cup of water. Blend well for 1 minute or until very smooth. Add the fresh lemon juice to the blended juice. Serve in a tall glass with mint leaves. Sip slowly.

Finally here is a “Healing Juice” from nutritionist Kathryn Marsden that I found in my files. The fruit and veg in this detox juice all help keep the liver healthy. A healthy liver is necessary for a healthy body. so keeping your liver in tip-top shape is so important.

detox drinkEnergy Boosting Cleanser

2 organic carrots, scrubbed.
1 or 2 organic apples, peeled and cored
24 organic black grapes
1 small raw organic beet ( beetroot)
few sprigs watercress or parsley

Put all ingredients through your juicer. Pour into an attractive serving glass and drink immediately, sipping slowly.

These detox drink recipes are just to give you some ideas. You will be surprised at how tasty they are. Have fun experimenting and tailor the ingredients to suit your taste.  
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