11 Detoxing Foods (Along with the Costs of Each)

detox foodWhen it comes to detoxing your body, there are many techniques and supplements you can use; however, one plan, in particular, can allow you to simply eat natural foods.

Food, such as those listed below, can help your body slim down, jump-start the digestive process and cleanse many of the toxins we accumulate through a normal day’s living.  Plus, they won’t break the bank, either.

  1. Grapefruit (about $1)

Mixed in before your regular meal, grapefruit is a powerful remedy for much of the damage – be it self-induced or accidental – that we do to our bodies on a daily basis. It has fat-unfriendly chemicals that can kick start your metabolism, and it’s a natural antibiotic, so be sure to eat this if you’re feeling a bit under the weather.

  1. Guacamole (about $1 per fruit)

Avocado is the absolute must for anyone considering a cleansing diet and is absolutely wonderful for your digestive system – it’s loaded with essential oils that settle the stomach, and it is so effective, it’s been scientifically shown to have a beneficial effect on Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

  1. Asparagus (about $2-3 per bunch)

For those of us that live a life full of social activities as well as exercise, asparagus is an excellent remedy for that next-day malaise. This vegetable has been shown to be amazing at cleansing the system of toxins – both accidental and otherwise – and does wonders to protect the liver against Friday night. It’s a tasty antioxidant, anti-aging addition to your everyday diet.

  1. Broccoli (about $1-2 per head)

Yes, broccoli. Mom’s been telling us of the wonders of broccoli since before we knew how to speak. The fact is.. she was right. Broccoli is unique in how it assists the liver to break down what’s bad for us, and afterward, it gets it out of our bodies. You can eat it any way you want – just don’t use the microwave.

  1. Cabbage (about $1-2 per head)

Seems boring, right? But cabbage actually adds a lot to tons of recipes and is a downright excellent source of fiber. It’s also tremendous at bringing that annoying cholesterol level down to a level you can be a bit more proud of.

  1. Garlic (about $1 per bulb)

The great thing about garlic is that we add this to pretty much every hearty dinner we’d eat normally: it adds flavor to many of the recipes that would otherwise be lacking that special something. Garlic has absolutely splendiferous effects on immune function and adds to the liver-healthy wonders of both asparagus and broccoli. Most importantly, you can eat as much as you want without worrying about how your body’s going to react – it loves it.

  1. Ginger (about $1 per piece)

We’ve heard about the health effects of ginger since it starting appearing in force in our supermarket back in the 70s. The fact is, it’s consistently been shown to increase liver function, which as we should know by reading up to this point is a central focus of getting rid of the bad stuff in our bodies.

  1. Kale (about $1-2 per head)

Whereas kale’s flavor and texture don’t make it the most popular of foods on this list, you can’t deny the benefits this fellow has on your body. Not only is it recommended by most nutritionists as a healthy addition to the normal diet for the purposes of a cleanse; the good stuff in this leafy green are so…well, good that it’s part of diets recommended to counteract the effects of serious illnesses.

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  1. Olive oil (about $5-10 for a large bottle)

How could something we use every day be so good for us? Forget those plastic bottles – olive oil should be your “go-to” when doing a sauté. It’s loaded with the healthy fats that are increasingly being cited as a no-brainer when it comes to keeping your liver functioning. And, as we all know, it goes well with those salads we would normally have a difficult time swallowing.

  1. Salmon (about $5-10 per filet)

Sorry to all the vegetarians/vegans out there – salmon’s effects haven’t been wildly underestimated. Those omega-3s run rings around supplements when it comes to improving blood flow and arterial stiffness. This is no more important than for those of us unfortunate enough to partake in a cigarette or two. However, make sure you watch what salmon you’re buying – many of the farmed varieties aren’t as good for you, and definitely aren’t as good for the environment.

  1. Beets (about $3 per bunch)

They don’t go well with everything, but beets should be on the roster when it comes to hiring your team of system-cleansers. They contain loads of betalains – an antioxidant shown to be brilliant for liver function. A few of these on that dinner salad will go a long way to counteract that glass of white that came with the meal.

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As should be both obvious and desired – you’re going to want to mix these up as part of a varied diet – the body craves novelty, so try these as part of some of those new plates you’ve places to get that. A full plan can include many of these –there’s also many others that can be incorporated as part of a healthier lifestyle.

Author Bio:  Stephanie is the co-creator of How Much Is It, a cost-helping database with topics ranging from healthcare to pets.  Her goal is help consumers across the United States pay a fair price for everything unknown.   You can connect with her project on Twitter.





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