Detox Your Body With The Eating For Energy Plan

A lot of people feel “tired”, and blame it on getting not enough sleep, stress or other external factors but rarely do they consider it anything to do with what they are eating. In “Eating for Energy”, leading fitness and nutrition expert Yuri Elkaim, explains the best way to detox your body and change “tired” to all day energy.

Yuri starts off by describing his own experience as a professional soccer player, eating what he thought was a healthy diet, yet always feeling tired. He explains how studying Holistic Nutrition opened his eyes to a completely different view of food and how it interacts with the human body.

How food enlivens or drains you

He says “My intention is to empower you with amazing insight into how your body operates at the cellular level and how every single food you put in your mouth either enlivens or drains you!”

Detox your BodyThroughout  “Eating for Energy”, Yuri’s passion and enthusiasm shines through as he explains nutritional concepts in an easy to understand way.

He includes charts showing proof that the nutritional value of commercially produced food has declined over the years and shows that organic food provide more minerals.

Quite a few pages are devoted to explaining the concept of biological terrain and the importance of the acid/alkaline balance or pH of the blood. He explains how acidity can make you fat and keep you fat!

Enzymes in raw food

The chapter on the importance of enzymes for every function in the body leads to the merits of a raw food diet. The whole philosophy of Eating for Energy revolves around consuming a living, plant-based, whole foods diet although he is not adamant that you eat 100% raw food.  In fact he admits to eating only 85% raw food diet himself.

I was fascintated buy the way he explains how certain vibrational frequencies of electrical energy in the body and of food can be measured. The average of the core organs is 70 megahertz but a Big Mac contains only 5 and chocolate cake 1 -3!

It’s easy to understand then that if your diet is made up primarily of these foods your energy is going to be low. Green vegetables, by the way, have the highest vibrational energy of 70-90 MHz. No wonder they are so good for you!

Not all raw

You will be pleased to know that Yuri believes in a certain amount of flexibility in this diet and allows some “leisure” cooked foods. In fact he admits to having a weakness for pizza and sweets himself.

He does explain that on this diet you will detox your body of many toxins that have built up from years of eating low energy, cooked foods and that as your body becomes cleaner you will no longer crave unhealthy food so much.

After fully explaining the concepts behind eating for energy Yuri includes a step by step plan to put it all into action.  Most importantly, he includes advice on how to eat for energy at work, on the run, while travelling and eating in restaurants.

12 Week Meal Plan

detox your bodyHe includes an incredible 12 weeks of meal plans, recipes and a smoothie and juice guide.  All the weeks menus help to alkalize your body and weeks 4, 8 and 12 are designed to gently detox your body after which you will be more energetic than ever. You will also notice that you have probably shed some stubborn fat too.

I have read a lot of books on nutrition and detox and I have to say that I don’t remember reading one that is so thorough and contains all the information you need to detox your body and embark on this new Eating For Energy lifestyle.

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  1. Alessandra West says:

    I feel tired and lack energy most of the time, even I have more than 8 hours of sleep! I’m guilty of eating unhealthy foods. I need to make some healthy lifestyle changes. Glad I found this post!

    • Well, I hope you will take some action and make the necessary changes now Alessandra. I can help to make a plan and have a goal in mind or it’s easy to get sidetracked. Glad you found the post useful.

      Good health


  2. This book seems really helpful. I would definitely recommend this for people who’s planning to change their unhealthy lifestyle. Eating the right kind and the right amount of food and an exercise regimen will truly help you improve your lifestyle and your overall performance as well as your health.

  3. This book sounds very interesting, raw food type diets have always intrigued me.

  4. I love the idea of a Detox system, and eating for energy. Is this similar to the growl diet i’ve heard so much about?

    • Hi Pete,
      I don’t know of the growl diet and cannot find it on a search. You can get stomach growling when you are hungry or when you have a digestive problem of some sort. You need not be hungry on Eating For Energy.

      Good health


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