Detoxification is a Vital Part of the Lyme Disease Cure

Detoxification There is no single treatment answer for Lyme Disease but detoxification plays a vital part of the Lyme Disease cure treatment plan whether you choose to go the antibiotic route or the natural route. Environmental toxicity is a major reason why so many people become ill in the first place. Toxic chemicals interfere with the immune system and how the body functions.

We live in a toxic world and some people are better equipped to deal with it than others.The detox routes in people with chronic Lyme Disease are often under functioning so it’s important to support them during treatment if you want to make a full recovery.

Many doctors who treat people with Lyme Disease have found that a high percentage have a range of problems such as environmental sensitivities, intestinal yeast and bacterial overgrowth, parasites and heavy metal toxicity. Tick borne diseases are known to release toxins into the blood which can bind to fat and other cells.

So let’s have a look at ways detoxification can help with Lyme Disease treatment.

Colon Cleansing

Cleaning up the intestines is a good place to start and an essential part of healing. 60-70% of your immune system is located in your gut as a huge network of lymph tissue known as the GALT (gut associated lymph tissue) and MALT ( mucosal associated lymph tissue)

Colon  cleansing with Bentonite, psyllium husk powder flax seed and/or chlorella is important. Herbal bowel cleanses can be used too.

Gut infections

Gut infections such as Candida yeast overgrowth, small intestine bacterial overgrowth, and parasites can all be treated with herbal remedies and high potency probiotics.

Leaky gut

Leaky gut, as a result of these infections and food allergies or sensitivities, leads to the absorption of toxins into the the rest of the body increasing the overall total toxic load. It’s important to avoid gluten and all reactive foods to allow the gut to heal.

Slippery elm can help soothe an inflamed gut. Gut healing supplements are usually needed to supply the nutrients needed for repair. They usually contain a combination of some of the following  substances – glutamine, zinc, marshmallow root, liquorice root, butyrate, aloe vera extract.

Heavy Metal Detox

A high proportion of people with Lyme disease have high levels of heavy metals such as lead and mercury. These toxic metals compromise the immune system and inhibit enzyme systems vital to cellular function so must be detoxified.

There are number of different methods that can be used  to detox heavy metals. Some doctors use IV methods while others prefer to use supplements like liquid zeolite, chlorella, citrus pectin or HMD.

Far infrared saunas are useful too but many people with Lyme disease feel bad after a sauna because they release so many toxins. It’s important to take some sort of intestinal binder if having saunas because although most chemicals are eliminated through the skin some are eliminated via the bowel.

Detox diet

Diet is the key to effective treatment of most conditions. It’s impossible to recover and maintain health without nutritional balance. Lyme disease sufferers have above normal needs for nutritional needs due to the disease process. The disease is thought to create a lot of free radicals so a diet high in fruit and vegetables high in antioxidants is important.

Avoid food allergens

A detox diet is important for a Lyme Disease Cure because it avoids the major allergenic and inflammatory foods. Gluten, casein ( in dairy products) and sugar cause inflammation which makes Lyme Disease worse. Refined sugar should be avoided at all costs as it increases insulin and leptin levels which can cause insulin resistance which in turn leads to inflammation.

Support detox pathways

A good detox diet contains foods that are high in nutrients that help support the detox pathways of the liver. As I mentioned above people with Lyme Disease often have problems with their detox pathways due to genetic abnormalities or nutrient deficiencies so good support is vital.

Vegetable Juicing

Up to 36 oz of vegetable juice a day is good. Not only does it help to cleanse the body of toxins but it also helps to make the blood alkaline which is important for healing and to prevent Herxheimer reactions (a temporary reaction to the Lyme Disease or other organisms being killed off). Drinking lemon juice in water can also help with this.  Some green food powder can be added to juices or green smoothies for additional nutrients.

Omega 3 fats

If you have Lyme disease your diet should be rich in essential fatty acids. Omega 3 fats help the recovery of the neurological system and high doses can help get rid of borrelia neurotoxins.  Add some flax seeds to your smoothies or use on breakfast. Make dressings with cold pressed flax oil.

Detox supplements

Various nutritional and herbal supplements can be used to support and enhance the liver detox pathways.

Liver support is very important for people who are being treated with antibiotics. Many antibiotics are metabolized by the liver.

Burbur, extracted from the leaves of a Peruvian plant is quite effective in detoxifying the liver, kidneys lymphatic tissue and the interstitial matrix. It helps with the elimination of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals. It is reported to have also has beneficial effects on Phase 1 liver detox system. Burbur may also help to lessen Herxheimer’s reactions.

Herbal supplements like artichoke and dandelion root can help improve phase 2 detox pathways which can be slow in some people with chronic illnesses. Silymarin can help increase glutathione which is a major nutrient used in phase 2 detoxification.

Smilax Glabra (Chinese Sarsaparilla) is useful for moping up neurotoxins. It seem increase the liver’s ability to process toxins so can enhance overall wellness.

Nettles, quercetin and andrographis can help to reduce histamine which tend to be high in Lyme disease and is one cause of the brain fog that people experience.

Vitamin B12 as Methylcobalamin is useful to take to ensure the methylation detox pathway in the liver is supported. People with impaired sulfur metabolism would have problems taking this.

A rice based medical food like Ultra Clear Plus pH can also be used to help open up the detox pathways.

Body Work & Exercise

Finally lymph drainage massage, general body massage,  myofacial release work,  and skin brushing can help improve the circulation for toxin removal.  Exercise according to ability and degree of fatigue on a mini-trampoline or brisk walking according can help with detoxification as a vital part of the Lyme Disease Cure

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