How to Detox with Chlorella: Nadia Brydon Explains

How to detox with ChlorellaResearch has shown Chlorella to be extraordinarily effective in helping to eliminate toxins, heavy metals, and radiation from the body. Nadia, Brydon, Medical Herbalist and Raw Food Educator uses Chlorella extensively in her work.  In this interview she shares a wealth of information about how to detox with chlorella.

Q1 You recently gave a talk about Chlorella. Can you tell us how you came to be so interested in it?

I first began to learn the importance of all green foods when studying in the USA at the Hippocrates Institute about 8 years ago.  The Institute in their wisdom always puts every single patient on Chlorella because it’s the ultimate green food.

It has incredible detoxifying, micronutrient, immune boosting and healing qualities and I saw at the Institute firsthand how for hundreds of people it just seemed to not only give incredible energy but was a real miracle food, healing so many people.

It seemed to balance every organ particularly the digestive system and the bowels and helped people with all sorts of serious conditions, such as skin and joint diseases, people with cancers of all sorts as well as all digestive problems.  In fact everything!  It’s the greatest  healer and detoxifier of all foods on the planet.  No question.  From that day to this I have hardly missed a day without taking my Chlorella and it keeps me really healthy.

Q2. I know that you recovered from chronic ill health with complementary medicine.  How big a part did Chlorella play in your recovery?

Gosh that was over 25 years ago! At that time I was put on Chlorella as part of the protocol by my complementary practitioner but in those days I had no idea of the importance.  I just did as I was advised and got better without actually realising at the time how big a part Chlorella played.

I spent many years after my recovery training to be a complementary practitioner in many disciplines such as Acupuncture and Western and Chinese Herbal Medicine but it was only when I went to the Hippocrates Institute 8 years ago that I fully realised how instrumental to my healing
the Chlorella had been.  Since then I put every single one of my patients on Chlorella with FANTASTIC results.

Q3. You say that the latest research shows that chlorella is extraordinarily effective for eliminating heavy metals, dioxins, pesticides and radiation from the body. Can you tell us a bit more about why it’s important to eliminate dioxins?

Toxins create free radicals which cause disease and speeds up the aging process.  Also toxins affect the DNA and the body’s ability to not only remain healthy and regenerate but toxins play a part in many diseases as well as blocking the uptake of micro nutrients that our body needs for health.

Exciting studies have shown that if pregnant and breast feeding women take Chlorella it reduces the amount of toxins that are in the mother  from reaching the baby either through the placenta or the breast milk.  This is extraordinary as this gives a baby the very best start in life protecting it
from all manner of environmental poisons especially as a baby’s immune system is still forming and babies need as much protection as we can give them.

Heavy metals are also implicated in diseases particularly of the nervous system so it is very important to eliminate as many toxins as possible.  Also we are bombarded on a daily basis by cancer causing radiation from mobile phones and flying to cancer treatments and Chlorella has been shown to be extremely protective for our bodies.

Q4. What is the best way to eliminate dioxins and pesticides with chlorella?

Chlorella should be started initially in small doses for the first three days.  Personally I like to use the Sun Chlorella brand and with this brand you start off with 5 tablets a day and after 3 days you take 10 tablets, then after another 3 days 15 tablets and so on depending on the reasons for
taking it.

If you are taking chlorella for maintenance then 15 tablets a day is ideal however, if you are trying to detoxify from heavy metals then you need to take substantially higher doses for a short period of time and then drop back to the 15 a day maintenance when it has done its job.  It is best to see a nutritionist who can help determine the doses needed for individuals who need guidance on high doses, however being a food it is extremely safe in large doses.

Q5.When you say it can help with radiation do you mean you can use it if someone has to have radiation therapy for cancer?

Yes.  It helps protect the rest of the body from the negative and side effects of radiation.   One particular side effect of radiotherapy treatment is extremely low energy and Chlorella can really help to keep energy reserves up possibly because it is so rich in natural micro nutrients.

It is very tiring having radiotherapy every single day and even the journey each day can be too tiring for some so Chlorella just gives that extra boost to get through the treatment.  The best thing about Chlorella is that it is a vegetable rich in micronutrients so is simply a food rather than a supplement.

Q6 Would you use it during radiation or afterwards and how long for?

I suggest people take it before, during and after radiotherapy.  When taken before it helps to build the strength up, during it helps to maintain strength and helps support the body against side effects and it’s wonderful for the recovery process.  Chlorella is always best used for at least 3 months if not 6 months for even better results.

Essentially Chlorella is a store house of micro nutrients such as Beta Carotene, Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin D, B12, Vitamin E, C, B1, B2, B6, Niacin, Biotin, Pathothenic acid, fatty acids, Nucleic and amino acids and helps particularly when part of a healthy diet rich in fresh foods especially

Chlorella is simply a dried fresh water vegetable itself and is so safe and gentle and helps to ensure against deficiency in these micro nutrients in the diet and helps the body heal itself.

Another interesting fact about Chlorella is that it contains a unique benefit called CHLORELLA GROWTH FACTOR also known as CGF.  This is a combination of amino acids and nucleic acids that has been found to regenerate healthy cells at the DNA level.

With this in mind I am very keen to help people going through treatment to grow healthy tissue and cells.  This is another reason why I believe that Chlorella is essential before, during and following Radio Therapy.

Q7.There are many products on the market that help detoxify mercury. Where would you rate chlorella among them and is there any brand that you would particularly recommend?

I firmly believe that Chlorella is the number one detoxifier of mercury. So much research over the years has shown the amazing ability of this plant to bind to mercury and take it out of the body.  Of all the brands I have no hesitation in  recommending Sun Chlorella.  ( USA Sun Chlorella). It has been the number one Chlorella company in Japan for 40 years and that really says a lot to me.

There are 35 major Chlorella companies in Japan and Sun Chlorella has remained in pole position all these years and if the Japanese rate it that highly, so will I!.  In all its 40 years Sun Chlorella has never once had a quality control issue because they are so stringent with the product control
from growing it, to the harvesting, drying, packing combined with how much time and money they reinvest back into research.  This speaks volumes to me.

Also they pioneered a unique process that pulverises the cell wall so that the 60% of the Chlorella is absorbed within the first hour compared to 25% of some other Chlorella’s.  This pulverising process does not use chemicals or heat but simply puts the plant cells under immense pressure pulverising it without losing any potency at all so the Chlorella is not changed
and retains its full micronutrient content..

Also Sun Chlorella grows the Chlorella in pristine wilderness only in virgin mountain water that has been extracted from acquafers deep underground.  And they grow it naturally outside in the sun shine whereas some other chorella companies use poly tunnels and to my mind this surely affects the potency and the micro nutrient content.

But the best test of all is that I get so many people and patients saying to me that they tried other Chlorella’s and nothing changed but when they used Sun Chlorella they really noticed the difference.  And as a practitioner I really want results with my patients and I am always sure of getting it with Sun Chlorella.

Q7. What sort of side effects are you likely to get and is there anything you can do to prevent them.

Because Sun Chlorella is able to detoxify so efficiently if one takes too many tablets to start with then the detoxification process might be too rapid which might cause detoxifying reactions such as a few spots so in order to minimise this it is recommended to start taking just 5 a day for  the
first 3 days to allow the body to acclimatise to having the increased micronutrients and detoxification process begin.

After three days on 5 tablets increase to 10 tablets for the same reason and then after another 3 days to increase to 15 tablets a day.  One can go on doing this up to about 40 tablets a day or even more if needed.  They can be taken all at once or in split doses throughout the day.

The best time of day to start is before breakfast as Chlorella helps to balance blood sugar levels right at the start of the day and gives great energy to begin the day.  It is low calorie, and protein rich and is the best way to start the day.  They can be taken with water, chewed or added to smoothies.  It is very easy to blend them as they easily crumble into juices or smoothies.

They can easily be powdered too between 2 spoons or crushed between paper ie grease proof paper.

Q8. Bowel cleansing is an important subject. How would you recommend using chlorella for bowel cleansing?

Bowel cleansing regimes are many and varied but a gentle way to really help cleanse and clean and move the bowels on a daily basis is to add the Sun Chlorella tablets to a smoothie.  Here are two lovely bowel cleansing smoothie recipes: I would definitely recommend having either of these
smoothies before breakfast or as breakfast each and every day.  Absolutely great for bowel cleansing and keeping the bowels healthy as well as giving great energy for each day.

Gorgeous Savoury Green Smoothie

Pure rocket fuel!  Will keep you bouncing all day and feeling squeaky clean inside and out!

Serving: 1-2

In a blender or smoothie maker add 1-2 cups of spring water then:

½ Chopped cucumber (with skin and pips)
¼ to ½ Avocado (without skin!)
1 clove of garlic (optional)
8 fresh basil leaves
2 sprigs of parsley
Juice from ½ lemon or lime
¼ teaspoon Himalayan salt
Fresh ground black pepper
15 tablets of Sun Chlorella “A”

Blend until smooth

You can experiment with other chlorophyll rich fresh greens such as sprouts (alfalfa, mung bean) young corgettes, celery, spinach, fresh coriander etc.

Sun Chlorella Smoothie

(creamy and delicious full of Vitamins and minerals especially vitamin C, omega 3, B12, folic acid, potassium, calcium and magnesium)

Serving: 1-2

15 tablets of Sun Chlorella “A”
½ cup of spring water
½ banana (peeled)
½ avocado (peeled)
½ apple (with skin)
1 kiwi (peeled)
a touch of raspberry or strawberry

Chop all ingredients into small pieces and put them in the blender and blend until smooth!
Pour into a glass and decorate with raspberry or strawberry and fresh sprig of mint.
Serve cold.  Drink as is or eat with spoon

Q9.There are some people who don’t tolerate Chlorella well because of an enzyme problem. Is there anything they can do to overcome this?

For anyone who has an enzyme problem then taking vegetable based digestive enzymes would be the answer.  Also taking the Sun Chlorella in a smoothie which is rich in digestive enzymes would help to the toleration factor.

Q10. You are the Senior Therapist at Breast Cancer Haven in London. Can you tell us a bit about your work there and how chlorella fits in?

I have worked at Breast Cancer Haven which is based in Fulham Broadway for 9 years.  I joined one year after BCH first opened.  I am absolutely dedicated to my job there where we support women (and men as they can get breast cancer too) who are going through or who have had breast cancer at any time in their lives.

We offer counseling, nutrition advice, complementary therapies such as Reflexology, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy etc as well as a comprehensive programme of classes, workshops and seminars.  We provide a free one day workshop where we show relaxation techniques, teach about nutrition and environmental factors as well as stress management and meditation.

Prince Charles is our Patron and is very supportive of our work.  The Countess of Wessex is also involved taking an active role in our work.  My own particular role includes see the ladies for their first consultation where we discuss their particular needs and concerns and putting together a programme of therapies that addresses their individual requirements.

I personally give treatments as well such as Acupuncture, Manual Lymph Drainage Massage, Aromatherapy, sometimes group ear Acupuncture as well as running workshops showing people how to make juices and smoothies.

Many of the classes, workshops and seminars, such as my juicing class is open to all members of the public.  With regards to Chlorella I show people how to include Chlorella in their diet, in juices and smoothies in my classes as well as talking to people on an individual level about the benefits.

Thank you Nadia you have given us a wealth on information about how to detox with Chlorella.

Update: Want to know more about the amazing power of chlorella?  Kate Forsyth has just published an excellent article about it here.  Also watch her very informative video below.

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  1. peggy smith says:

    i have been poisoned by pesticides from de fleaing my home. i was told to take chlorella for detox. i am allergic to mold and penicillin is chlorella goin to hurt me? and how long is it gonna take for me to detox?

    • Oh, that’s not good but chlorella won’t hurt you. A few people have trouble tolerating it. It’s always best to start on a low dose and gradually build up. How long will it take? It depends on how much pesticide you have in your body. You may also have heavy metals contributing to the problem. It can take 3 – 6 months to detox heavy metals with chlorella depending on how much you take. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. hi, ive been recently giving my 19 months old baby a sachet of sun chlorella a day. is it safe for him to take it?

    • Hi Lena,
      Many children were given 5 grams of Chlorella for 45 days after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster but I don’t know what age they were. It can cause diarrhea, gas, nausea, stomach cramping and green stools. Green stools are to be expected but watch out for the other symptoms and reduce or discontinue it for a while. Chlorella is a food.

      You could contact Sun Chlorella and ask them.


  3. Hello i have had been exposed to alot of mold.With out ventilation im white and have had alot of breathing problems.I need to detox and im allergic to pencillian i swelled up when i was a kid from antibotics they packed me with ice and i was ok i rekon :).Please if you could answer my page i would apperciate it forever.I have 3 little girls and i am so scared cause it is in my spine and head, legs, anckles, spikes everywhere sometimes it gets better when i take a shower is this something i want to take?

    • Timothy, chlorella can help detox you which may help with mold sensitivity but I cannot promise it will. Liver detox can help too. It is important to reduce your exposure to mold in your home. It can be hidden in all sorts of places . Yo can find a lot of information about it on the internet if you haven’t already. You may need to seek the help of a doctor who uses desensitization, like they use at the Environmental Health Center in Dallas.

      Doing all you can to avoid chemicals in your home and outside will help as people with mold sensitivity are often sensitive to chemicals as well. You may need to look carefully at your diet and avoid any that contain molds such as cheese, mushrooms, vinegar and foods containing vinegar, such as salad dressing, catsup and pickles, sour cream, sour milk and buttermilk, beer and wine, meat or fish more than 24 hours old, sour breads, such as pumpernickel, and other food made with a lot of yeast, sauerkraut, pickled and smoked meats and fish, dried fruits such as dates, prunes, figs and raisins.

      I wish you every success in finding a solution to your problem and hope the chlorella will help. It certainly can’t do any harm.


  4. Jac Morton says:

    You really always fascinate me with your wonderful detoxification resources Sandy. I do believe that all of us really need some inner cleansing specially that we are leaving in this world, where toxin are everywhere. I tried using some Alovera based detox. Now I think that I will also try the chlorella. As long as it can help clean my body I really am into it.

    • Hi Jac,

      Yes, you are right. The majority of people would benefit from a cleanse. I don’t know anyone who has not felt some benefit.
      Let me know how you get on with the Chlorella.
      Thanks for your good words.
      Good health

  5. Hi! I too, am using Sun Chlorella on my smoothies especially after a great workout. I never knew just how powerful it is as a detox component. Thanks for enlightening me on this. Great help!

  6. Thanks Sandy and just to let you know, I’m regularly following your blog and it has helped me a lot with my diet.

  7. I have a 7 and % year old and we need to detoxify them from Imunization what would you recomend the dosage to start out and what systems should I look out for to know when to taper off or slow down and really how long should we give them chlorella

    • Hello Michelle,

      The dose of Chlorella for children is from one quarter to a half of the adult dose. I would start with one tablet and very gradually increase the dose over 2 – 3 weeks to 10 x 500 mg tablets (5grams in total) a day if tolerated. You should watch closely for detox reactions such as diarrhea, gas, nausea, stomach cramping and green stools and keep your children on the same dose or reduce if necessary. Your children will have other toxins in them besides any introduced by immunization so it’s a good idea to stay on them for several months or more. Chlorella is a food.

      Have you considered seeing a homeopath for vaccine detox? Children respond well to homeopathy.
      Hope that helps.


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