How To Detox Your Body With An Alkaline Food Diet

The alkaline food diet is the hottest celebrity diet for spring but did you know it can help detox your body too?

Naturopaths have known for years, and some doctors are coming around to the idea, that the balance between acid and alkaline substances in your body can have a huge impact on your health.

Blood pH

Doctor’s often dismiss the idea of an acid – alkaline food diet as nonsense because all blood is alkaline and it does not vary very much unless you get into a state of metabloic acidosis which is a very serious and life threatening condition.

What you have to understand that when we talk about acid alkaline balance we are using the terms acid and alkaline in a very relative way.

The blood does not vary very much from the mildly alkaline pH of 7.46. (There is some disagreement about the exact number). The body strives to keep the pH as close to the ideal as possible by using buffers such as bicarbonate and alkaline minerals such as calcium.

Even though the pH may only vary by two tenths of a percent it is believed that even small shifts towards the acidic state can have a dramatic impact on health.

When your body has to constantly provide buffers beyond its capacity it starts to store the acids in tissues leading to fatigue, aching joints & muscles, inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, weight gain, skin and digestive problem, excessive mucus production, headaches and nervousness.

Some studies suggest that osteoporosis is less of a calcium deficiency and more of a condition of acidity because calcium is taken from the bones to use as a buffer.

pH of Stomach, Bowel & Urine

The only part of the body that should be acid is the stomach. When you eat it produces hydrochloric
acid and will have a pH of about 1 – 2 .

The pH of the contents of the bowel has nothing to do with the acidity of the tissues or blood. It
is governed by the balance of bacteria in the bowel.

The normal pH of urine is neutral but diet can have a significant impact on it. Eating lots of citrus fruits, legumes and vegetables produces urine that is more alkaline. A diet high in meat tends to make it more acidic. It can become acidic when you are detoxing excess acids from the tissues.

What do we mean by acid and alkaline foods?

Detox your BodyEach and every food substance that you eat leaves behind either an alkaline or an acidic residue  once it’s digested and broken down (metabolized). The typical diet most people eat produces acids – foods such as meat, grains, fish, nuts, cheese, poultry, and milk among others.

On the other hand, foods such as most vegetables and most fruits produce alkaline residues once they are metabolized even though some like citrus fruit are inherently acid. The acids they contain are weak acids that the body easily breaks down and gets rid of leaving the alkaline minerals behind so are said to be “alkaline forming”.

If you know anything about a detox diet you will probably recognize most of these acid forming food are the very foods that you should avoid when you detox your body and the alkaline forming foods the ones that you should eat more of.

The current world basically feeds on acid producing foods that have chemical pesticide residues and lots of chemical additives. Almost all toxins that get into your body from whatever means contribute to a shift towards acidity.

The modern diet results in the body having excessive acids at the expense of important alkaline minerals.

How an alkaline food diet can help you detox your body

Each cell in your body contains areas called receptor sites where different substances like hormones or neurotransmitters (brain chemicals), for example, make contact with the cell to have an affect on thatcell.

You can think of it like a lock and key. The receptor is the lock and the hormone, for example, is the key. The key has to fit the lock to undo it.

Research has shown that if the cell’s normal alkaline pH shifts towards a more acidic pH then this “lock” or receptor site changes shape. When this happens  the key will no longer work.

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and Brussels sprouts are very important for detox as they contain natural chemicals that the body converts to a substance called indol-3-carbinol (I-3-C), a very active stimulant of detoxifying enzymes in the liver and the bowel.

The researchers have found that I-3 C will not be effective if it can’t make contact with the receptor site on the outside of the cell. In other words if your body is too acid the receptor sites will have altered shape so your cells will not function as they should.

The cell functions better when it is in a slightly alkaline state. That’s when there are are good supply of antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals.  The liver and kidneys detox efficiently.

Take the acidity test:

  • You often feel tired even after 7 hours of sleep.
  • You rely on sugar and coffee to boost your energy levels.
  • You count cheese, meat and pizza among your favorite foods.
  • You drink or/and smoke.
  • You race against deadlines and have no time to wind down.
  • You have cellulite
  • You get pounding headaches and your muscles feel tense.
  • The idea of chilling out and doing nothing bores you and you need stimulation all the time.
  • You find it hard to lose weight and carry extra weight around your stomach hips and thighs.
  • You regularly suffer from bloating, digestive discomfort or constipation.

If three or more apply to you then the chances are that an alkaline food diet could help.

Basics of an alkaline food diet

An alkaline diet means minimizing the amounts of acidic foods that you eat while increasing the amounts of alkaline foods.

Cut down on:

animal proteins
dairy foods sugar
most grains (millet is alkaline forming)

Avoid these:

sodas (fizzy drinks)
Cookies (biscuits)
Sugar and foods containing it
Candy (sweets)

How to detox your bodyYou should ensure that your diet consists of more vegetables and fresh fruits. When it comes to  vegetables, leafy greens are recommended as they have more alkaline compounds.

To enhance the effectiveness of the alkaline food diet drink pure water and fresh green juices or green smoothies. It’s not fussy or faddy but it will help you get thinner and healthier.

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  1. I checked on the acidity test. From the ten items on the list, only two didn’t apply to me – have cellulite and hard to lose weight. I am naturally thin that is why. I took some natural fiber drinks to treat my stomach acidity. It worked! However, I have to always go to the bathroom. So I stopped using fiber drinks. The idea of an alkaline diet might be the only way to treat this.

    • Hi Allisa,

      Your stomach is supposed to be acid. Perhaps you mean you had acid relux from your stomach which can cause discomfort as the esophagus is not designed to withstand acid like your stomach.
      An alkaline or food combining diet can offten help with this. Give it a try. Hope it works for you.

      Some people with sensitive bowels cannot take certain types of fiber. Sometimes it’s a case of experimenting with different types.

      Good health


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