Juice Detox | A Powerful Way to Kick Start Your Weight Loss & Heal Your Body

Juice Detox

Juice detox is the current buzzword in the weight loss circles once again. This month Health & Fitness Magazine included a booklet that included two exclusive juicing diet plans for weight loss from juicing guru Joe Cross.

You’ve heard of Joe who stared in the documentary “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” haven’t you? If not,  he lost 100lbs and transformed his health with a 60 day juice diet.

He originally weighed over 22 stone and had a debilitating auto-immune disease that he took 3 lots of prescription pill for. After his 40th birthday he realized that he was killing himself with food and inactivity and spent a year researching and consulting doctors and weight loss experts to find the best way to self-heal.

He discovered that a plant based diet won hands down every time and he decied to eat only a plant based diet for 2 years but started out with a 60 day juice detox.

In just 5 months he had reached his goal and transformed his health. Through the juicing for weight loss and plant based weight loss diet he had detoxed his body and given his cells exactly what they needed to repair themselves and function normally.  You can read more about benefits of juicing here: What are the Benefits of Juicing for Detox?

You can do the same. You can lose weight and even build muscle with juicing. It’s all about the combinations of fruits and vegetables and super foods that you choose to add to your juicing regimen.

It doesn’t matter if you add a glass of juice prior to each meal, or go on a juice fast. You will lose weight when you add juicing to your diet.

If the food you eat has little to no nutritional value you may be full for a short time, but your hunger will ramp up again in just a couple of hours. Your body is not getting what it needs to be fulfilled.

If you fill your body with the nutrients that your body is actually craving, you’ll naturally start eating less and crave even more healthy foods. You truly can eat an unlimited amount of raw fresh fruits and veggies along with unlimited amounts of freshly made raw juices and lose weight. You never have to feel hungry or deprived.

Just like with any addiction, it’s important to substitute a healthy alternative to the addictive substance; in this case with raw juice. Any time you are hungry or simply craving something, drink a fresh raw juice, or if you prefer, eat raw veggies or fruit between juices.

Certain juices and combinations of juices aid in weight loss more readily than others due to their anti-inflammation properties. Using herbs, spices, vegetables, and fruits in good tasting combinations that encourage a release of inflammation will aid in weight loss.

Let’s take a look at a few.

Celery Juice

Juice the leaves as well as the stalk when you make celery juice to get the full benefits of this vegetable.  High in pro vitamin A and good sources of potassium, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron and other essential amino acids. Celery juice is great for restoring hydration to the body after a workout.

Spinach Juice

Think of spinach as an additive to your other juices, especially juices with citrus. Add different amounts of spinach to your juice recipes until you find a level that is high enough to get the benefits but low enough that you still enjoy the flavor.

Spinach provides a rich source of vitamin K, beta-carotene, iron and the mineral manganese needed for your body’s anti-oxidant system. Spinach contains 13 phytonutrients so the health benefits of spinach juice are quite amazing.

Cucumber Juice

Extremely low in calories and rich in water, as well as a natural anti-inflammatory. Adding a cucumber to your other juices can increase the volume dramatically. Cucumber juice contains pro-vitamin A, vitamin K for strong bones, copper for protecting you from free radical damage, and natural sodium.

Carrot Juice   Juice detox

Frequently called the “miracle juice” an ounce of carrot juice only has 10 calories and is filled with important vitamins and minerals essential for good health.

Carrot juice has been used for over 150 years by health practitoners and is reported to contain healing properties that have proven to treat many diseases.

Its sweet taste has make it a popular juice to drink on its own or combined with other juices.

If you are diabetic or have blood sugar problems you can simply add a tablespoonful of olive or flax oil to an 8 oz juice which will prevent it from increasing blood glucose.

It will also have the added benefit of increasing the absorption of the fat soluble carotenoids, such as beta carotene, alpha-carotene and lutein.

Cabbage Juice

This may not sound wonderful but cabbage juice is a great stomach and intestinal healer. It contains Vitamin U, also known as ‘cabbagen, which is capable of strengthening the inner layer of your stomach and making it resistant to ulcers as well as two essential minerals, chlorine and sulphur, which are effective in treating inflammation of large intestine and colon.

Being a loaded with antioxidants and phytochemicals, cabbage juice can do wonders for your skin.

Parsley Juice

You don’t need much of this super food to make a huge difference. Try adding a little parsley juice to different juices that you make to get the benefits of chlorophyll, iron, and vitamin B12. It can also act as a nice little chaser to freshen your breath and help eliminate body odor.

Juice detox Beet Juice

This amazing root, aside from adding amazing color to your juices, can reduce high blood pressure which can afford you a tremendous health boost when trying to lose weight. Most people cannot tolerate beet juice alone, so add it to other juices to provide a beautiful color and up the health benefits.

Start by adding small amounts until you get used to it.

Pineapple Juice

The fruit of a pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain which assists with the digestion of protein and is a natural anti-inflammatory. It contains the vitamins B2 and B6 which help convert carbohydrates into energy. It is high in Vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant and helps boost the immune system.

Try adding some dandelion, ginger, and turmeric to your juices for an added punch and super food boost. Choose a green, a fruit, and a veggie to juice together and then add in some herbs, and spices to give the juice a little boost of flavor.

Now if you don’t need to lose that much weight, but want to build more muscle you can add protein to your juice in the form of protein powder made from hemp such as Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein, brown rice, or pea protein.

In truth, fruits and veggies in either their juice or whole form contain on average more usable protein than foods we normally consider to be protein rich like steak.

To build muscle tissue you simply need to consume the protein molecules, along with vitamin and minerals which is contained in most raw fruit and vegetable juices. You also need to do some weight bearing exercises designed to build muscle mass.

If you are thin you’ll need to ensure that you get enough calories, if you are overweight you’ll need to consume less calories in order to lose weight so that those new muscles show through. Juicing can be a way to add in calories rather than subtract calories if you add juicing to your regimen.

Juice Feasting    juice detox

If you are wanting a Seasonal Health Upgrade that can be applied year-round… done with top experts in the fields of cleansing and life transformation… this one is for YOU.

Juice Feasting turns on anti-aging genes, brightens your skin, improves sleep, dramatically increases flexibility, sharpens your mind, reduces weight and chronic pain… all while you live your daily life.

You drink as many as as much juice as you like on a juice feast. It’s exactly as the name suggests. You literally FEAST on juice. You don’t ever go hungry on a juicing diet like this.  Want to find out more? Go here.

My own health benefited tremendously from a juice detox.  I recovered from chronic fatigue by adding 5 or 6  x 8oz vegetables juices to a healthy diet every day for 6 months.  I would love nothing more than to help you develop this habit if you haven’t already.

Have you used a juice detox to lose weight or recover from illness? If so why not share your experiences with my readers in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this article using the share buttons below to help spread the word. Thanks I appreciate it. 🙂

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  1. Hi Sandy
    Great explanation of the different juices and what they provide.
    I know I feel better when I eat raw fruits and vegetables. It is hard to stay away from stuff that is bad for us and I guess it takes being sick to make us evaluate how we are affecting our own health. I periodically get a wake-up call and then have to do damage control for awhile to get back to eating healthy.
    The older we get the longer it takes to recover from a few bad days of poor eating. When that happens I think about what I ate and how that made me feel. Modify what I eat and try to stay on course. Tried a juice fast years ago and got to about day 2 and was starving for substance. So I picked up everything I could find that would taste good raw (only fruits and vegetables). I was able to continue with the program for a total of 3 weeks. I felt fantastic. I was alone in the house for 3 weeks and didn’t have a job outside the home, so it was easy to stay on. No one trying to sway me or no pressure of working. It was easier in the summertime with so many choices.
    Some days I think I should go back to doing more raw eating, although I am doing a lot more than I did even 2 years ago.


  2. You can also choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator, and if you
    already take the stairs, you can decide to take them a little faster.
    And by no means am I suggesting that you need to eliminate all of the junk food from your life forever, as if you eat healthy most of the time then for
    most people it’s okay to “cheat” every now and then. Drink a
    glass of water before your meals and snacks, you will feel fuller and eat much less
    than usual.

  3. People who are overweight or obese usually realize that their health is affected by their weight, however they don’t care
    or do not think that they can do anything about it.
    Cutting fats completely from what you eat can really affect how well
    one’s body functions. This will raise the metabolism with the
    body and definately will aid in burning of the calories.
    Yep, you read that right; I still eat all with
    the foods that I enjoy. Maybe not with the record pace some dietary fads authors claim, but with a rate

  4. Hi Sandy,

    I love this post, of a truth juices are very good for the human body; every one of your post is very educative and inspiring.

    • Sandy Halliday says:

      Hi Emebu,

      Juices are absolutely good for you, especially green juices. Too many sweet juices can be detrimental to some people if they have blood sugar control problems and drink them all the time. I got better from chronic fatigue with juicing so I know they work. Many people will testify to the fact that they lost weight with juicing too. Some fasted while they juiced but others like myself ate a very health diet. It’s a great pity that some dietitians are advising against it.

      Thanks for stopping. Good health.


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