Overall Benefits of Green Tea Detox and Ways to Ensure That They are all Realized

Detoxifying is the process through which a person cleanses his/her body system. This mainly entails taking substances that will push the impurities out. There are many detoxifying methods that exist but one common one is green tea detox. Detoxifying using green tea entails the use of green tea as a blood purifier. Green tea can be incorporated into the diet of an individual, such that it can be taken any time of the day as an accompaniment to other meals, depending on the detoxing plan that an individual is on. The best time to detox using green tea is early in the morning to get a fresh start, and late at night so that it can cleanse the colon.

Detoxing Early in the Morning

Detoxing early in the morning aims at replacing minerals and vitamins as well as electrolytes that were used up the previous night. To start the day, an individual can drink up a mixture of hot water with lemon slices and ginger. This is meant to kick start the body systems and the metabolism. After this the green tea can be taken. The tea can also be taken several times during the day so as to get as many benefits as one can.

Detoxing at Night

During night time, the colon cleanser of an individual’s detox program should be taken immediately after dinner to help eliminate the toxic substances that might have been consumed during the day. This works in a simple way. The green tea used to make the green tea detox contains senna. This is a strong laxative that assists to excrete waste from the body system. The best thing about using green tea as a detox is that it can be used alongside other ingredients to make it more enjoyable. There are people who combine it with barley, acai berries, spirulina, and ginseng and for the colon detox, dried orange peels, dandelion or lemon grass is used not only to improve the taste, but also to improve the overall results of the detox program.

Benefits of Green Tea Detox

Green tea detox has been known to be beneficial in many different ways. Everyone undergoing the detox program should bear these benefits in mind if they ever find themselves in doubt of the efficiency of a green tea oriented detox plan. The following are some of the most obvious benefits of green tea detox:

1. Green tea is a Natural Detox agent

Green tea is completely natural. This is great news for the body because the human body is bogged down with a lot of impurities. Green tea’s natural nature helps to ensure that the body does not retain any toxic chemicals. Such kind of chemicals cause an increase in impurities in the body, which poses the risk of rendering the entire detox program void.

2. It Neutralizes Antioxidants

Green tea has been recorded as being a very rich source of antioxidants referred to as epigallocatechin gallate. This chemical compound assists the body to eliminate free radicals which pose serious health risks to the body. This is because they mainly attack and damage the healthy cells. Such activities cause cell mutation in the body, the main cause of diseases like cancer and tumors. Detoxifying the body using green tea extracts helps neutralize the effects of these free radicals which keeps the body cells healthier in the long run.

3. Helps in Loss of Weight

Green tea is one of the best known fat burners. This makes it very popular for weight loss programs. When you follow the green tea detox program, you will definitely enjoy the fat burning benefits of green tea. The body’s metabolism rate will increase which will, in turn, increase the rate at which the body utilizes fats. By the time you are done with the detoxing project, you will realize that you have shed a considerable amount of weight. This nature of green tea also ensures that despite changing your diet during the detoxing process, you still retain high levels of energy. This means that you can still take part in your regular activities without fatigue.

4. Prevention and Fighting off Diseases

Apart from neutralizing the free radicals in the human body, green tea also considerably boosts an individuals immunity. This is to say that the detoxing process will fight off flue and colds. Other diseases can also be addressed through a regular use of green tea. These include; genital warts, digestion problems as well as bacterial infections. To some extent, liver conditions can also be addressed by regular use of green tea.

5. Re-hydration

In cases where an individual is having problems with retaining enough water in their body, then green tea can be very helpful in re-hydration. Green tea is mainly water, therefore most of its functions are similar to those of normal water. When you detoxify, the green tea helps in purifying the blood, treating constipation, flushing out toxins and enhancing the digestive functions.

Ensuring Green Tea Detox works for you

There are several key steps that an individual can adhere to make sure that green tea works effectively as a detoxing agent. Below are some of the very crucial ones:

> Always ensure that the green tea you get is organic and natural. This is to avoid adding more chemicals to your already overburdened body.
> Ensure that you stick to the detox plan that you selected. In simpler terms, give the detox plan some time to work so that you are more assured of positive results.
> Maintain consistency. If you are required to take green tea in a particular form, and at specific times, then adhere to those instructions. If you fail to follow the instructions and maintain consistency, the detox program will be void.
> Always spare some time for exercising on regular basis, even if you are on a detox program. Your body needs as much help as it can get with flushing out toxins. Exercise boosts further the detox efforts thus enabling the blood purification process to be much easier. You can take advantage of the high levels of energy you attain after taking green tea to keep up with the fitness requirements.


Considering all the beneficial features of green tea, it can not be ignored as a detoxing agent. These benefits cannot be underestimated at any cost and if you follow your detoxing program to the letter, you stand a very good chance of enjoying all these benefits of a green tea detox.

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