How Detox Foods Plus Anti Aging Foods Can Beautify Your Skin

Anti Aging FoodsNo need to have expensive Geisha bird poop facials to take years off your looks when a diet of detox foods combined with specific anti aging foods can have amazing results.

Recently discovered information on the way our diet affects our skin has shown that anti aging foods are the way forward. They contain natural skin-boosting substances highly effective in protecting against a rapidly ageing complexion, puffiness and even wrinkles.

One of the most revered skin specialists and nutritionists, Karen Fischer, has enforced the fact that if you’re starting your day with some buttered toast and ending it with a steak, you can completely waste all the time and effort you’ve put in against skin aging.

A Newly Discovered Cause Of Aging Skin

We all know by now that tobacco smoke and sun damage are two of the largest contributors to rapidly ageing skin, but the point has been made recently by dermatologists that one of the biggest contributing factors is Advanced Glycation End Products. AGEs, as they are known, are destructive molecules in our diets that harm the youthfulness of our skin.

One of their key recommendations is what’s known as an anti aging diet that excludes AGEs.

How Do AGEs Form?

Having levels of sugar in the blood that are too high results in glucose molecules attaching to the collagen’s proteins, creating AGEs. These are brown, sticky compounds that don’t allow the skin to be at its full elasticity, leading to blotches, lines and wrinkles.

Following a sugar detox diet is one way of avoiding them.

However, it isn’t just sugar that is the only responsible party for ageing in our diet. There’s plenty of other common cooking methods and foods that contain levels of AGEs that are too high, leading to rapidly aging skin.

If you’re currently experiencing discoloration, dullness, drooping jowls, deep lines or prematurely aging skin, the cause could be rooted in your unwitting consumption of high levels of AGEs.

They’re usually found in animal products, and once a food has been smoked, pasteurized, grilled or fried the levels of AGEs increases dramatically.

Very high age’s are found in butter, margarine, cheese, red meat, chicken skin, sausages, deli meats and bacon.

How To Use Your Diet To Achieve Beautiful, Youthful Skin    Detox foods

Now, on the plus side, you’re able to actively protect your skin through changes to your diet. The consumption of anti aging foods and spices and the minimization of eating AGE-increasing foods is a brilliant way to restore your skin back to its best.

Karen Fischer has devised 28 Days to Younger Skin which kicks off with a 3 day detox that excludes meat, sugar, dairy products, caffeine and alcohol but includes loads of fruit & veg, preferably raw and vegetable juices.

You’ve got to pack your diet with goodness in the form of purple, black or red fruit, vegetables, salad leaves, whole-grains, especially red quinoa, and beans to maximize the powerful antioxidant skin boosting potential of your diet.

You can eat small amounts of poultry and fish after that but continue to avoid dairy, sugar and alcohol.

It’s no coincidence that lemons and limes, two of the best fruits for younger skin, are highly alkalising detox foods and significantly reduce AGE formation when added to your food.

Other alkalizing foods that are good for the skin include avocado, almonds, bananas and most veg.

A low AGE diet combined with an alkaline diet offes the best chance of creating a youthful skin. The average Western diet is rich in acid promoting and AGEs causing premature aging of the skin.

The spices often used on a detox diet, turmeric, ginger and cinnamon are all excellent at inhibiting AGE formation too.

Eating the right foods is the tried and tested way to produce new skin cells within the deep layers of the skin, letting them travel to the surface and, in turn, boosting your entire look.

Here’s Karen’s recipe for Spot-free Skin Juice


Serves 2

1 pear (leave skin on)

2 apples (leave skin on)

½ cup fresh beetroot (beets)

4 medium carrots

½ cup cabbage

Squeeze of fresh lemon


Put all ingredients except lemon juice through your juicer. Add lemon juice and drink immediately.

One of the strongest methods in the fight against aging skin is to use your fork. Change what it’s picking up, and you’ll be able to change how your skin looks.

All it takes for you to restore your skin to its youth is to simply eat a combo of detox foods and anti aging foods. It’s a fairly easy and very quick fix.

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