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Skin Detox – Skin Rub — Detox

Skin Detox – Skin Rub

This can be used in conjunction with the skin brushing to aid elimination of toxins from the skin while you are using an effective detox diet.  One of the detox reactions you may get is that your skin may break out in spots or rashes. Just what you want!  You may also get some irritation, itching, redness and heat sensations while you are detoxing.

So what can you do?

Try a Skin Rub.  After dry skin brushing that I mentioned in the last post you can mix equal parts of good quality castor oil and olive oil together in a small container. Rub your skin vigorously from head to toe with the mixture and don’t forget your face.

Soak in a hot bath with no soap for 15 minutes but be careful you don’t slip! Pat yourself dry and go to bed for an hour under a heavy cover.  It’s best to use cotton sheets or wrap yourself in a large fluffy cotton towel. Place a warm cover on top. The hot bath and sweating helps to draw the toxins out.

Take a hot shower to wash off any expelled toxins and finish with cool water to close the pores. Baking soda or natural soap should help to get the oil off.

If you can find an Ayurvedic clinic near you try one of their sesame oil detox massages  with a steam bath afterwards.  Its a great way to relax and detox.


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