Some Workouts and Detox that Match


Alone, workouts and detox provide many positive benefits to people. Workouts let you live a healthy lifestyle while also strengthening your body. Working out can also help with depression and boosting your mood so, all in all, it’s an amazing activity that helps with many things. Compared to that, detox is a great way to cleanse your body from things that damaging. In combination, they’re even more powerful and efficient. Working out and detoxing does wonder to your body which is why you should start combining them. Here are some workouts and detox that match perfectly and provide you with an amazing array of benefits.

  1. Cycling & A Raw Food Detox

Cycling is an endurance type of physical activity. It makes your whole body work and can be quite tiring. You need food to give your body energy that will enable you to push it to the limits. Raw food detox is great because green juices are high in potassium. Potassium helps prevent cramps and deals with muscle contractions. Eat a lot of nuts, whole fruits, avocados, and various vegetables. An optimal calorie count is somewhere around 1200 per day.

  1. Low-Intensity Cardio (Cycling) + Organic (Go Green) Detox

Low-intensity cardio can be as demanding as something such as cycling. The cycling we’re mentioning here is a bit different than the one from the previous point as we’re talking about indoor cycling on exercise bikes. Nonetheless, you’ll require energy. A lot of it! So if the amount you’ve been using isn’t enough, increase the amount. The All-green juice detox is great because it contains certain elements that improve your metabolism. Coconut water is another element of the all-green detox, and it’s great because it keeps your electrolyte level low while hydrating your body.


  1. Strength-Training + The Fast Metabolism Cleanse

The fast metabolism will help you repair muscle damage that can occur from strength training. It also stimulates energy release by enabling you to digest excess fat. Considering you’ll be doing strength training, you’ll need something that will help you regenerate your body hence why the fast metabolism cleanse is the correct choice.

  1. Swimming/Pilates + Organic Detox

Swimming causes your heart rate to go up. Pushing your body to the limits usually has these effects, but they are necessary. Swimming is an intense physical workout that, in my humble opinion, is the best workout you can do. It’s probably the healthiest one, but this doesn’t mean other workouts should be discredited. All are special in their own way. As for swimming or Pilates, this organic detox contains several superfoods such as almonds, dates, and various others that boost energy and help with tissue repair.

juice detox

  1. Yoga + Juice Detox

Yoga isn’t as demanding as other workouts, but it’s amazing because it helps you stretch your body and relax it at the same time. It also helps deal with some issues that you might have in life by calming your mind and getting rid of negative thoughts. This juice detox contains sugars from red and orange juices + foods such as raisins, almonds, carrots, and others that help with recovery.

Author Bio: Jennifer O’Neal is a lifelong cyclist, enjoying the thrill of an outdoor ride as much as the one on her indoor cycling bike. She regularly contributes to, a leading provider of exercise bike reviews and education.





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