The Amazing Power of a Raw Food Detox Diet & Green Smoothies Cures Diabetes

Sergio Boutenko was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes (Type 1) when he was 10 years old but amazingly he cured himself with green smoothies and a raw food detox diet.

Diabetes is a serious condition and his doctor was adamant that he should start insulin injections straight away. To cut a long story short  his very intuitive mother felt that it  was not the right thing to do and after a lot of research persuaded him to go on a raw food diet for 2 weeks.

Those 2 weeks were hard and difficult but in spite of some terrible cleansing reactions initially Sergio gradually started to feel and look better. After the first 2 weeks he decided to stay on 100 % raw foods for another 2 weeks. Amazingly his diabetic symptoms started to disappear, his blood sugar came down and he lost weight.

Watch his video recording here:

The whole family went raw overnight with him and they too had remarkable results. His sister’s asthma slowly disappeared, his mother’s heart problems began to improve and his father’s hyper-thyroid began to healing itself.

So what is it about raw foods and green smoothies that can do this?

Raw Foods

Raw foods are chock full of nutrients, many of which are destroyed or lost in cooking. They also contain precious enzymes which that are destroyed, when food is cooked at a temperature higher than 112 F (44 C).

When you start to eat more of this living food your consumption of important micro nutrients  increases. When your body gets the nutrients it needs to function all sorts of amazing things things happen. As your cells receive all these vitamins and minerals they start to produce more energy. They can start to get rid of toxins and other wastes that they had been storing.

A lifetime of eating processed and cooked food results in a body that is all clogged up. Dr Michael Klaper of the Institute of Nutrition Education and Research showed that blood drawn from a person on a standard cooked meat and pasteurized milk diet had thick heavy blood. But within a few hours of eating raw food the quality of the blood changes.

A raw food diet is a way to detoxify the body. If you do it well, it removes toxins or other unwanted substances that are stored in your body fat and cells. Detoxing improves health, energy, immune system, memory and digestion.

Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are a delicious blended mixture of green leaves and fruit. According to the research done by Victoria Boutenko, Sergio’s mother, greens completely match our nutritional needs if you can eat enough of them.

All the nutrients in greens are stored in cells made of toughened material. After years of living on cooked food it’s almost impossible for most people to be able to chew greens enough to break down this material to release the nutrients.

Victoria discovered that the best way to rupture the cells to release the nutrients was to blend them in a very high powered blender like a VitaMix or Blendtec.

To make them more palatable she experimented with adding fruit to the greens. Although it may sound like a strange combination they do actually go very well together. Chimpanzees naturally eat fruit with green leaves and shoots.

You can use romaine lettuce, celery, kale, chard, spinach, watercress, parsley and other green leaves. Mix the chosen leaves with apples, pears, peaches, pineapple, mango or any other juicy fruit.

Greens are full of chlorophyll which has many healing qualities. Chlorophyll has been called liquid sunlight because it is the substance in green plants that absorbs the energy of the sun. When we eat green leafy vegetables that energy is transferred to us.

Chlorophyll carries oxygen which rapidly improves blood oxygenation and helps cleanse the body. It can help neutralize the toxic effects of some chemical toxins present in food and water that damage your genes and cause cancer. Chlorophyll helps to detox heavy metals.

Curing Diabetes with a Raw Food Diet

Juvenile Diabetes

No everyone with juvenile diabetes will get the same results as Sergio. If you are already on insulin you should  be able to reduce your insulin in time. Green smoothies seem to be especially helpful. One teenager that Sergio mentions normalized his blood sugar after seven days of living on green smoothies.

If you want to do this it’s best to work with a nutritional doctor or other health practitioner and monitor your blood sugar very closely.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can be reversed with a raw food diet too. Dr Gabriel Cousens of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center runs a very successful 21 day program which gets people off insulin and medication very quickly.

Green smoothies & raw food for health

You don’t have to have diabetes to benefit from a raw food detox diet. Even if you don’t want to go totally raw you will notice a difference if you increase the raw food in your diet. Drinking green smoothies regularly can significantly improve your health. There is no doubt about it.

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  1. I absolutely agree that the raw food diet is a way to detoxify the body. Look at the animal world, no animal eats cooked food; accept pet of course, but this again because of us. Thank you for this Article.


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