Which Weight Loss Detox Will You Choose This Year?

Weight Loss DetoxSluggish, bloated, fatter, heavy, stressed? If this is how you are describing youself as January rolls around now’s the time to start a weight loss detox.

But which one should you choose? The newspapers and magazines are full of New Year detox plans.

The sugar detox was huge last year but is back with a bang this year. The Fast Diet, also known as the 5:2 diet, is making another appearance too. And then there is the Fat Diet Detox, the Paleo Diet detox, the Liver detox and the Clean Eating detox.

Confused? I’m not surprised. Not every diet will appeal or suit everyone so it’s important to choose one that appeals to you or you won’t stick to it.

There are over 400 pages on this blog about detoxing so you might find it hard to find the best New Year weight loss detox for you so I am going to list the most popular ones for you.

1. Best January Weight Loss Detox

This is not one of those extreme detox diets that has come in for so much criticism from the medical community. Far from it.

Researchers have discovered that our detox system needs certain nutrients to function efficiently. If you lack any of these nutrients then your detoxification ability will not be as good as it could be. This is how toxins build up in your body.

This detox plan aims to supply your body with those nutrients so your detox system gets a vital boost and you can eliminate the toxins that interfere with the weight control system.  Read about it here.

2. Detox Your Body With A 7 Day Spring Detox

If you are someone who likes to have a set plan to follow then this is the one for you. Although it’s called a Spring Detox you can do it at any time of the year.

It’s based on both raw and cooked foods and you can eat a good variety of fruits, vegetables, salads, pulses, fresh nuts and seeds and non gluten grains like brown rice, millet, quinoa and buckwheat. You won’t feel hungry on this detox.

3. The Sugar Detox Diet: The Brilliant Way To Lose Weight and Feel Great

Sugar is the enemy not fat! After years of telling us that it’s fat that makes us fat and causes heart disease experts are admiting they got it wrong.

A growing body of research shows that sugar (and fructose) is the main cause of obesity and at the root of many Western diseases including heart disease.

This is one detox that no doctor, dietician or health expert will disagree with although it’s not a true detox. You can’t detox sugar as it is not something that builds up in the body as a toxin although the experts say that that sugar is ‘poisoning’ us. The aim of a sugar detox is to avoid sugar which is no easy feat as it’s in so many food products.

It’s well worth the effort though as you can expect to enjoy weight loss, better energy, glowing skin, improved sleep and better mood and best of all no cravings.  Find out more here.

4. New Year Detox Diet: Try This 2 Day Detox Diet

If you’ve never done any detoxing before this 2 day detox might be just the thing. It is a good way to jump start a healthy eating plan too.

The 2 Day Detox Diet consists of mainly green smoothies for breakfast, a solid meal at lunchtime and a raw or cooked soup, a green smoothie or juice for dinner.

This detox is ideal to do at the weekend when you can rest and relax. You can do this for longer that 2 days if you like or try it once a month.

5. How To Eat Your Favorite Foods And Still Lose Weight With A Green Smoothie Detox

Weight Loss Detox

If giving up your favorite food is one of the things that puts you off doing a weight loss detox then you will love this detox based on the Alternate Day Diet (aka The Fast Diet & The 5:2 Diet)

Researchers have found that you can lose more weight on the Alternate Day Diet than on a conventional weight loss diet even when you eat normally the rest of the time.

In this detox you drink Green smoothies on the fast days when you have to restrict your diet to 500 calories if you are female or 600 if you are male. When you are not fasting you can eat normally. Best to eat healthily and eat ‘treats’ in moderation.

6. No Fuss Paleo Detox: Clean Your System and Drop the Weight

If the thought of giving up meat puts you off a conventional detox diet then you will love the paleo diet.

The diet is based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of grass fed meat, wild fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruit. It excludes dairy, grain products, processed food and alcohol.

Researchers have shown that a Paleo diet can reverse insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes. It should also include a high level of physical activity.

7. Start The New Year Right With A Clean Eating Detox

This is another detox plan that does not cut out major food groups. It’s based on eating whole foods – real foods that have nothing added and nothing taken away. This means avoiding anything that has been refined or processed in any way.

It does mean going back to basics and cooking your own meals but it’s not as hard as it sounds. With a little forethought and planning you can put tasty meals together very quickly.  Read more here.

8. Is A Liver Detox Diet Really Necessary After The Holidays?

While some health experts are saying that signing up for Dry January can do more harm than good there is no doubt that eating foods that support your liver detox system can only do good.

Your liver plays an important part in your metabolism. It’s your liver that has to get rid of those toxic chemicals that get into your body and upset your weight control mechanism.

A liver cleanse is one of the best ways to lose weight. Find out which foods help to boost your liver detox here.

9. Easy 4 Week Digestive System Cleanse

If you feel that your digestive system has taken a battering over the holidays with too much sugar, fat and alcohol then this might be the detox for you.

The latest research links gut bacteria with how you store fat, how easy it is for you to lose weight and how you respond to the hormones that switch off hunger and make you feel full. Diet plays a very important part in the types of organisms that flourish in your digestive system.

With this cleanse you cut down on certain foods but you don’t have to cut them out entirely. You eat more fruit and veg, beans, nuts & seeds, You won’t go hungry or feel deprived. It encourages the good baceria to thrive.

Which ever detox you choose don’t forget to ease yourself into it gently. It’s far better to gradually cut down on sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed food especially if you have been having a lot of any of these than suddenly stopping them all because I garantee you will feel awful.

The key to any weight loss detox is not to starve yourself but to eat regular, healthy meals to keep your metabolism from slowing down. Which of these detoxes appeal to you most? Will you be following one this year?

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  1. I didn’t realise there were so many detox plans! I used one about 20 years ago and felt better after the 7 days, then went back to ‘normal’ habits and messed it all up.
    I’m not doing a detox now, just following a clean eating plan and cutting out as much processed food as I can.
    Good post!

    • Sandy Halliday says:

      Hey Shan, That is what the majority of people do unfortunately. Life gets in the way and it’s hard to keep to the plan. I get that. People are more motivated when they have a health problem that they want to improve. Just by eating clean and cutting out processed food your body will be getting more of the nutrients it needs to detox. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.
      Good health.

  2. Hey Sandy
    I enjoyed reading this. For the most part, I am a healthy eater…that is not that difficult for me. While I exercise regularly, that doesn’t always come as naturally to me. I have experienced first hand the benefits of clean eating and I do believe that these sorts of cleansing diets can be beneficial. I totally agree with your point about making sure the diet resonates with you, or there is no way you will do it properly or complete it.

    • Sandy Halliday says:

      Hi Kelli, I know the feeling about exercise. It does not come naturally to me either. I know I should and I have to make a real effort to do it. I cancelled my gym membership last year when they changed the machines. They were so stiff I could not adjust them easily enough and I grew tired of having to ask others to do it for me! I have decided to get some home equipment and have just ordered it in the sale. I feel that although I go for a brisk walk most days I need to keep my muscles toned. Good to hear that you have experienced clean eating. Is this something you do all the time?
      Good health.

  3. Holy cow Sandy, that’s a lot of different types of detoxes. I had no idea there were so many. I usually do a Spring Detox and a liver detox a couple times a year. I really like the way I feel afterwards. Right now, I’ve been cutting out sugar, and by sugar, I mean fruits and wine. I eat a fairly clean diet, but I thought about it and said that I was getting too much sugar from fruit and wine, so I just recently cut that out. We’ll see how I do.

    Thanks for the great info. I’m sure my followers will be very interested. Lisa

    • Sandy Halliday says:

      Hey Lisa, good to hear that you detox and can feel the benefit. There are several schools of thought about the natural sugar in fruit. For one thing the fruit that is grown today is much sweeter than the fruit our ancestors ate. For the most people the small amount of fructose in fruit does not affect your liver in the same way as drinking sodas and eating food that contains fructose or high fructose corn syrup. People with fructose intolerance should not of course eat fruit. It will be interesting to see how you feel by cutting out fruit and wine.
      Good health,

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