What Is the Best Detox Diet For January?

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If too much to eat, too much to drink and a lack of exercise over the festive season has left you feeling like a weary sack of potatoes you might be wondering what is the best detox diet for January?

Some detox experts say that January is not the right time for detoxing. Naturopaths recommend that you cleanse with the seasons.

I must admit that I never feel like drinking a lot of cold juices, smoothies or cold food in the winter. I would much rather wait until Spring time when the weather is warmer and the new seasons vegetables start to appear in the stores.

But, that doesn’t help you now if you want to shed a few pounds, revitalize and energize both body and brain. So, what is the best detox diet for January?

If you want to lose weight without being hungry or cold the best detox diet to do is one that is not restrictive. More that 9 out of 10 diets fail because of the rebound effect.

If you go on a very restrictive diet your metabolism slows down. You might lose weight while you are on the diet but once you start eating more food – wham – the weight goes straight back on again.

Are detox diets pointless?

You will no doubt have seen reports that detox diets are a complete waste of time. Some “experts” argue that our livers and kidneys are so effective at getting rid of toxins that they don’t need any help from a detox.

Well, the evidence that we all now harbor a number of toxic chemicals in our bodies seems to me to point to the fact that the detox system is not that effective.

Scientists have found that while some people can get rid of toxins fairly efficiently others can’t. We are all different and those whose detox pathways don’t work so well have a backlog of toxins in their bodies which result in symptoms and ultimately disease.

Researchers have shown that by following a good detox diet ,based on foods that are known to contain substances that rev up the detox pathways together with nutrients that are known to be needed by the detox system,  their symptoms can be improved.

So, how does that help you?

By following a detox diet plan that is not restrictive but helps to boost the detox system you can draw out the tiredness and the toxins, shed a few pounds, revitalize and re-energize.

One size does not fit all so I am going to give you some choices. Just choose  one of these detox diet plans that appeals to you.

#1. The Sugar Detox


detoxify the body


The #1 obstacle to losing fat is sugar!

People usually way too much sugar during the holiday season. When your body is suddenly flooded with a tsunami of sugar, it gets stored as fat. You can shed those unwanted pounds with a sugar detox. Just make sure that you replace the foods you take out of your diet with healthy alternatives and you won’t starve.

#2. The New Year Detox Diet

This gives you basic guidelines but if you want a more structured plan then take a look at the New Year 2 Day Detox Diet.

#3. New Year 2 Day Detox Diet

This detox diet plan is not too restrictive and you can choose to have hot meals that naturally support your body’s detox system and kick start your health. Use this plan to kickstart your healthy eating

#4. Spice Up Your Healthy Diet To Detox Gently In Winter


detox your body


Another thing you can so is to add spices to your food to warm you up instead of eating cold food that chills you to the bone. By using wonderful spices you get all their health benefits and help encourage detox during the cold weather without going on a strict detox diet.

#5. Detox Soups for Winter Cleansing

detox your body


Make sure you include some of these delicious winter detox soups.  They contain vegetables that are choc full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other phytochemicals that help rev up the detox pathways.

The best detox diet for January is one you feel you can do, one that you feel is right for you. You can choose what you eat. You can choose to live a healthy life. Above all else, remember  you have the power to create a life of good health, vitality and energy!

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  1. the ice cream? Sugar detox is good for losing fats? Thats the first time i have heard of it and it looks really interesting.

    • Hi Dorothy,

      Well, we all learn something new every day, or so they say. Absolutely losing the sugar is good for losing fat. Sugar is stored as fat by our bodies if it is not used for energy straight away and the glycogen stores are full.

      Good health


  2. Sports Doctor says:

    I might be late but I still want to try your detox tips. I certainly agree that each one of us has relative detoxifying needs. Last year I tried lemon juice for my detox diet and I think it did quite well. What do you think of it Sandy?

    • Hi Mandy,

      It’s never too late to detox. You can detox any time you feel you need it but January seems to be the time that a lot of people decide to do a detox to get back to healthy eating after indulging over the festive season. Detox, of course involves more than that. The aim is to get the toxic chemical toxins out of our bodies because otherwise they build up and can interfere with cellular function and lead to disease and poor health.

      Lemon juice is good to use for detox because although it is acidic in the stomach and can help with digestion it is alkaline forming in the body once it has been metabolized. An alkaline body functions better and eliminates toxins better than an acidic one. Lemon juice and peel contains D-Limonene ( as does other citrus fruit) which stimulates the Phase 1 & Phase 2 liver detox enzymes. That is why you see it featured a lot in detox diets.

      Good health


  3. I think I’ll be giving detox a shot. I prefer to do a juice diet though so I think I’ll go for that. I was never able to properly cleanse last month and I want a healthy body before summer.

    • If that’s what you prefer Malds then go for it. Much better to do one that you prefer if you have tried several in the past. You are much more likely to stick to it.
      I wish you success in getting that healthy body before summer.


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