Why You Must Avoid Toxins In The Home When You Detox

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Would you ever have thought that you were exposed to more pollution in your home than when you are outside? You might think your home is clean but there is more pollution in your home than there is outside. When you are detoxing it’s essential to avoid as many household chemicals as you can.

A typical house contains a witch’s brew of toxic chemicals that get into the air from regular cleaning products, air fresheners, paint, carpets, curtains, furniture and your shoes. The many chemicals in and around your homes wind up in your indoor dust. It’s a frightening thought that during a typical day at home you could breathe in up to 5 times more hazardous chemicals than if you you were outside.

The chemicals that you breath in get into your blood stream where they are eventually circulated to your liver. They then go through the liver detox system which converts them to safer forms that can then be eliminated by your kidneys and through the bile.

Many health experts believe that illness is caused when the body’s ability to detoxify environmental chemicals is overloaded. It makes sense then to avoid as many chemicals as possible when you are detoxing your body.

Check your house for common toxic chemicals and choose safer alternatives with EWG’s checklist for less toxic living:

Healthy Home Checklist

Buy eco cleaning products or make your own:

Make Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Did you realize that household bleach is one of the most deadly chemicals you can find in every supermarket. It is bad for you as well as the environment.

If bleach is a staple in your home then you are exposing yourself to very toxic fumes. If you were to use bleach in the work place you would be required to use a mask and gloves to handle the chemical to protect yourself.

How To Make Your Own Non Toxic Bleach Alternative


Many air fresheners on the market contain some harsh chemicals that can cause headaches and aggravate asthma, and have been linked to neurological damage and cancer.

It’s easy and fun to make your own:

Detox your homeMake All Natural Air Fresheners

The dangers of chemical toxins in the home pose a significant danger to your health and the health of your family. There are now many alternative options that are safer, smell better and are more cost effective. The choice is yours!

The key to good health is to detox your body and your home.



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  1. i didnt know all my house hold stuff could effect us very intersting
    as you know our bodys run on chemicals with every thought and emotions we also need to detox with some of our thoughts and emotions very intersting thank you
    regards farad

    • Yes, you are right Farad. No matter what sort of food detox you do it will not alaways be successful unless you detox thoughts and emotions too.

      Good health


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