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Hello, I am Sandy Halliday a former nurse, holistic nutritionist and health coach

Quite a few years ago I burned myself out working, looking after two small children and trying to have some sort of social life. I used to grab my meals on the go at odd times. So bad for the digestion!

I was so tired I could hardly drag myself out of bed in the mornings. When I finally managed to crawl downstairs I had to have a cup of coffee before I could do anything else.

Eventually I sold the delicatessen shop I was running because I simply could not go on any longer. When I stopped I felt worse. Everyone thought I should have felt better but I didn’t.

Eventually I was told I had chronic fatigue but doctors in those days did not know what to do about it.

I was already interested in diet and natural remedies as my younger son developed eczema on his feet when he was just two.  (Eventually with the knowledge I gained his eczema cleared up when I got him onto a good, healthy diet that excluded wheat and dairy).

I researched my condition and eventually after listening to a talk by Charlotte Gerson, when she visited England, I decided that an intensive juice detox and a special diet was the way to go. I felt she had hit the nail on the head when she stated that illness is a result of toxicity and deficiencies.

It took 6 months of 6 freshly made vegetable juices and 1 coffee enema a day but I finally recovered my energy.

Since then I’ve experienced numerous types of detox from juice fasts, green smoothie detoxes, colemas, colonic hydrotherapy, colon cleanses, parasite cleanses, heavy metal detoxes, Far-infrared saunas, lymph detox, Iratherm detox and probably others I’ve forgotten about.

I became so passionate about the power of detox that I took a number of holistic dietary therapy and nutrition courses and started my nutrition practice. For over 20 years I helped clients achieve their health goals through simple detox programs and good nutrition.

Now I love to share my knowledge and experience about health and detox on this blog and in the ebooks, short reports, guides and programs I’ve written.

Because sugar is such a problem for most people I’ve just created the 7 Day Sugar Detox & Cleanse which is a good place to start if you want to improve your health.

I’ve also created a 14 Day Energizing Detox Program to help tired, busy women reboot and recover their energy with a very doable, flexible, no starvation detox plan. And don’t worry there’s not an enema in sight!

Wishing you radiant health.


Detox Specialist & Health Coach