10 Reasons You Should Give Up Alcohol for Good

Listen for the sound of the champagne cork popping – it’s celebration time! This basically sums up our society’s obsession with alcohol. As an adult, you’d probably consider it strange to attend any type of formal celebration without raising a glass. And while no one is knocking you for having … [Read more...]

How To Detox Your Body With Hydrolyzed Collagen

You may have heard a lot about the use of collagen for skin health and reducing signs of skin aging but did you know that hydrolyzed collagen can be used to help detox your body? Not sure what collagen or hydrolyzed collagen is? Read on! What is collagen? Collagen is an important protein in … [Read more...]

3 Rules for Doing a 3-Day Detox This Summer

Summer is typically a season for backyard barbecues and sweet treats with friends, but these outings can take a toll on your system and make you feel bloated if you eat too many sugary and salty foods. A three-day detox will help reset your system and help you feel great, so you can hit the beach … [Read more...]

How To Stay Healthy With A Daylong Detox Plan?

Who doesn’t want to stay healthy? But, you’ve got to agree with me that amongst all the ways to stay fit and healthy there are very few plans that work out! Not everything does real wonders! But, whatever might be the state, either you’ve eaten far too much last night or just want to take your first … [Read more...]

Everything You Need To Know About the 10 Day Juice Cleanse

Over the past few years, juice cleanses have taken the dieting industry by storm. The promises that come along with a 10 day juice cleanse make the idea of substituting real food for a liquid diet worth it. Such diets are related to better sleep, healthier skin and easier weight loss. Many … [Read more...]

7 Best Techniques To Keep Your Skin Young

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Overall Benefits of Green Tea Detox and Ways to Ensure That They are all Realized

Detoxifying is the process through which a person cleanses his/her body system. This mainly entails taking substances that will push the impurities out. There are many detoxifying methods that exist but one common one is green tea detox. Detoxifying using green tea entails the use of green tea as a … [Read more...]

8 Detox Foods to Keep You Healthy this Summer

Summer is the perfect season to work on your health options and working towards being fit. It is during this time when many organic and fresh fruits are in season and a lot of them are great for detoxification and keeping fit. Summer is also a season to prepare and maintain your body, with all those … [Read more...]

Should You Avoid Plant Lectins For A Successful Detox?

The saying that “You are what you eat”, can certainly apply in this day and age. We absorb such huge quantities of toxins through food, that our body, which works hard to get rid of them through a very sophisticated detox system, is not always able to do so. Unproccesed toxins start storing in our … [Read more...]

How to Do a 1-Day Power Juice Cleanse to Detox the Body

It’s not all that easy to do a juice cleanse. It involves the commitment of abstaining from eating solid foods and drinking juice instead, so for newbies it’s inconceivable to aim for a 7-day+ juice cleanse. Even a 3-day cleanse is a bit of a stretch if you are only just starting out. That’s why … [Read more...]