Will Your Green Detox Smoothies Give You IBS?

Have you found that green juices or green detox smoothies cause you bloating, pain and/or gas? A leading gastroenterologist in London, England has reported that he's noticed an increase in patients complaining of irritable bowel which has been caused by juicing and detox smoothies and their … [Read more...]

Will A Juicing Diet Help You Lose Fat?

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) recently banned three juicing diet TV adverts due to lack of robust scientific evidence. The ads, featuring nutritionist Madeleine Shaw, claimed that certain fruit and vegetable juices could reduce fat and tone the stomach. In one ad for Philips … [Read more...]

Is Juicing Good For You?

Is juicing good for you is a question I've been asked a lot recently. With all the bad press it's been getting recently I'm not surprised people are confused about it. The main reasons that juicing is getting such a bad rap is because of the sugar juices contain and their lack of fiber. Let's … [Read more...]

Summer Juice Detox | 5 Key Juice It Up Recipes

Summer is the perfect time for a juice detox. Fresh fruit and vegetable juicing is the perfect way to cool down as well as nourish your body and enhance detox. These days with so many preservatives and processed foods being eaten people really don't realize how much their body is missing out on … [Read more...]

Is Juicing Good For You?

Dr Robert Lustig has created a bit of a stir with claims that juices are bad for you. Although his book Fat Chance: The Bitter Truth About Sugar blames the high levels of refined sugar in processed food and soft drinks for the soaring rates of obesity, the media are making meal of the fact that he … [Read more...]

Why You’re Failing To Lose Weight With Juicing

Every day, thousands of people hear about juicing. They hear about the magic power juicing has to melt fat and supercharge the immune system. They watch movies like Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and they read books by friendly guys like Jason Vale. They frantically search on Google for information on … [Read more...]

Is Healthy Juice Bad For Detox?

The headline of an article in the Daily Mail yesterday read "The healthy juice with 22 teaspoons of sugar"  The journalist quotes researchers who warned " Drinks regarded as healthy often contain far more sugar than we realize and can add up to 450 calories a day to our diet". The trouble with the … [Read more...]

Effective Juice Cleansing For Weight Loss

Although many people do juice cleansing for weight loss that is not it's prime purpose. The main aim of  juice cleansing or juice fasting is to cleanse the body of toxins. Weight loss is often a beneficial side effect if you want to shed some extra pounds. Fasting has been used extensively … [Read more...]

What essential kitchen equipment do I need for my detox diet?

People often ask what kitchen equipment they really need before going on a detox diet. Here is my top 5 list.  If you don't have any of them yet it can involve a big outlay so you may need to prioritize and invest in what you feel is the most important for you at the moment. 1. A Good Water … [Read more...]

Why Use Green Superfoods On A Detox Diet?

You have probably seen recipes for detox diets that say add a spoonful of green superfood to your juice or green smoothie.  So what exactly are green superfoods and why should you use them? You know that greens are good for you. Experts have been telling us that for years. Green leafy vegetables … [Read more...]