A Monthly Guide To Eating Seasonally

There are many diet and eating fads that flood our favourite health magazines and blogs, and keeping track of them is hard enough – never mind committing to anything. Eating seasonally, however, is far from a fad, and this long-established way of healthy eating is beneficial in numerous ways.

Starting with your bank balance, selecting and eating food that’s in season is cost effective, as you are buying food when it is at it’s most plentiful.

As it is not being imported from around the world, seasonal food is also fresher, tastier and healthier, while eating by season means you get a wider variety of food in your diet.

All in all, eating seasonally is a hugely beneficial approach to food – so why don’t we all do it? Well, due to the wide variety of produce stocked in our supermarkets, it’s difficult to know what’s in season and what isn’t. This guide is here to help, showing both what’s in season and providing a few handy healthy recipe ideas to boot.


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January usually means long, cold nights and the reality of getting back to work after seasonal festivities. Hearty soups are on the menu, such as carrot and coriander, while eating plenty of kale has numerous benefits. Try kale chips for a crunchy, healthy January treat.


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February is a green month, with leeks, kale and savoy cabbage, alongside plenty of seafood providing a change from stodgy winter food.


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As we move into March, the nights don’t seem quite as dark anymore, and it’s time to widen your diet to include plenty of spring veg. Spring greens and spring onions hammer home this seasonal theme, while you can also try this caramelized cauliflower frittata for a different breakfast.


eating seasonally

April is all about springtime, so dive into some classic spring dishes featuring lamb at center stage. You could also try foraging for wild garlic, if you feel so inclined, while crab, rocket and oysters offer some other tasty seasonal eats.


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Usually an expensive veg, asparagus comes into season in May, making it a little more affordable. Try using radishes, cucumber and new potatoes for fresh salads, while rhubarb and gooseberries make for a tangy dessert.


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June is the start of summer, so take advantage of the long days with some beautiful, seasonal ingredients. Peas and broad beans are in season, with loads of new recipes to try, such as this spicy minced pork with snow peas.


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July is a month of abundance, with plenty of fruit and veg in season, so serve up some salads using lettuce and cucumber at summer barbecues. Keep your fruit bowls stocked with berries such as blueberries and raspberries – which are also great with oatmeal.


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August is a fruity kinda month, so try using plums and apples for delicious pies and tarts. Cos lettuce can add a bit of bite to your salad, and make sure to use sweetcorn – try it roasted with butter, or turn it into a dip for chips.


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As we start to head out of summer and head towards fall, it’s time to introduce a few richer foods into your diet. Damsons and figs are sweet and sticky, while game birds such as partridge or grouse are an adventurous and delicious choice.


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October is all about fall, so alongside candy corn, make sure to fill up on plenty of squashes – particularly pumpkins. In addition to jack-o’-lantern’s, pumpkins are great for soups with a bit of roasted garlic, while the seeds are also healthy and tasty.


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While most of us eat potatoes year-round, November is the month they are actually in season, so use this as an excuse to fill up on carbs! Chestnuts also hit the stores, while oysters and quince make November a pretty indulgent month for seasonal produce.


eating seasonally

December means Christmas – and Christmas means turkey! For the more Dickensian amongst us, you could also opt for goose, while both pair well with Brussels sprouts and white cabbage.

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