5 Ways Detox Water Can Help with Weight Loss

detox waterMost people are aware that detox is a great way to help the body heal. However, what you may not know is that detox water can help with weight loss. Most people who go on a detox diet do it to get rid of toxins. In the process, they usually lose a few pounds, but this is usually only temporary. However, detox water can be a great way to shed off pounds and keep them off.

Understanding Detox

A detox is a cleansing of the body, which entails the person making changes to their lifestyle in order to remove accumulated toxins in the body. This usually involves both avoiding certain habits and foods and engaging in certain activities. The changes can be both short term and long term. There are many detox home remedies that you can use to keep your body free of toxins. The use of detox diets has been growing in popularity, which might be a good sign that they work.

Why You Need to Detox

Here are some of the reasons why you may need a detox:

Your Body Feels Distressed All the Time

In some instances, everything seems to be wrong with your body, you are always low on energy, and your moods are always low. In fact, you never seem to have the energy for a simple trip to the grocery store. Besides that, you may often experience digestive issues, minor headaches, and constant allergies. A simple detox over 10 days might be just what you need to jolt yourself back to life.

You are Unable to Lose Weight

Scientists would like us to believe that losing weight is all about counting calories. However, there are many who have done that, and it never seems to work. A detox diet such as water detox is a proven way to lose weight. We will discuss a bit more on how detox water can help with weight loss later.

One of the problems with counting calories is that it ends up triggering overeating in some people. Besides that, it sometimes leads to an insulin spike and inflammation, which causes your body to want to store more fat.

You are Unable to Control to Carb Cravings

Most people may not know it, but sugar is quite addictive. The science is clear about this but is not clear about the remedy. The food industry has been working hard to ensure that people are hooked on sugar, which they are unable to live without. However, a detox can help to wean you off it.

You have Never Done It Before

If you have never taken ten days in your life to try to rid your body of toxins, then you definitely need a detox. This will help to supercharge your body. In most cases, you will feel the positive effects, and you will want to try it again.

Your Body Needs a Break

Most people lead a fast life. In fact, some people are only able to get through the day using coffee and copious amounts of sugary food. Besides that, whenever they have a minor ache, they usually turn to drugs. These toxins can build up quite fast. Your body definitely needs a short break of about ten days from all the drugs and fast food.

Can Detox Water Really Help You Lose Weight?

Many people who have tried detox diets know it works. Besides that, there is scientific proof of how it works. Here is how detox water will help you lose weight:

1. It improves your Metabolism

Studies have been done which shows that detox water can help to boost your resting metabolism by about 25%. This is especially great news for parents who have overweight kids. By simply getting them to drink detox water, you can help to improve their metabolism even if they are sedentary.

It is also great for you if you work long hours at the office. When going to the gym every morning is not possible, you can always use detox water. This will help you to lose weight even without all the additional hassle of going to the gym.

2. It Helps Reduce You Intake of High Calories Drinks

When most people feel low on energy at the office, they usually rush to purchase juice. Most of the time, you will rush to consume a fizzy drink to get over the feeling of low energy. However, this will only be a temporary fix. After a while, the toxin build-up will cause you to feel even more tired. Besides that, the excess calories will be converted to fat in the body.

However, taking water has been shown to help reduce this juice intake. A study found that when a person consumes 3.4 ounces of water, the intake of caloric beverages goes down by 0.7 ounces.

3. Helps to Fight Fake Hunger

Sometimes, your body could convince you that you are hungry even though an hour has barely gone by since your last meal. The result is that you end up eating more food, giving you excess calories, which you do not need. However, there is a simple solution to this problem. Simply guzzle huge amounts of water. The water gives you the feeling of fullness. Consequently, your body will stop begging you for food. If you do this often, you will be able to cut down your weight with time.

4. Improves the Efficacy of Your Workout

When you are trying to lose weight, you will most likely try to hit the gym. However, you will notice that with time your performance plateaus. One reason for this is that you are too dehydrated. Thus, your workouts end up being less effective. Taking in a lot of water can help to ensure that you are always hydrated. Consume as much water as possible always before you hit the gym.

5. Helps Move Food Through the System Faster

When you consume a lot of detox water, food is passed out of the digestive tract much faster. As a result, unhealthy calories have less time in which to be absorbed. This will help you with your passive loss of weight.


Detox water acts as a powerful tool, which can be used for your weight loss. While detox water can help with weight loss, combining it with other detox diets can be quite effective. Do not be afraid to experiment until you find one, which works great for you.

Author Bio: Susan Hamilton is a food engineer and she owns a small family farm near Panhandle, Texas. Besides her work with the animals, Susan grows her own vegetables. Living in an area where most of the people have a healthy lifestyle, Susan tries to make the rest of the world understand the importance of natural foods and she writes about it on Home Remedy Book.


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