Superfoods and the Benefits to your Eyesight

Most of us will remember the story we were told as children that eating carrots would somehow allow us to see in the dark. Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. But while eating lots of carrots won’t give you built-in night vision, this everyday veg is high in beta-carotene, a nutrient that is … [Read more...]

5 Mistakes Women Make When Trying to Lose Weight After Giving Birth

Today’s society creates unnecessary and unfair dilemmas for women. On the one hand, they are pressured into having children. Friends and relatives cannot wait to see a “baby bump”. After you have your baby, your whole body is completely worn out with the birthing process. The last thing that you … [Read more...]

Time For Detoxification

How often have you felt exhausted lately, lacking in energy, bloated? Have you noticed dark circles under your eyes? Is it hard for you to lose weight? Do you feel on the verge of collapsing? One of the common reasons for these phenomena are toxins that accumulate in those systems of the body … [Read more...]

3 Rules for Doing a 3-Day Detox This Summer

Summer is typically a season for backyard barbecues and sweet treats with friends, but these outings can take a toll on your system and make you feel bloated if you eat too many sugary and salty foods. A three-day detox will help reset your system and help you feel great, so you can hit the beach … [Read more...]

How To Stay Healthy With A Daylong Detox Plan?

Who doesn’t want to stay healthy? But, you’ve got to agree with me that amongst all the ways to stay fit and healthy there are very few plans that work out! Not everything does real wonders! But, whatever might be the state, either you’ve eaten far too much last night or just want to take your first … [Read more...]

Do You Want To Lose Weight? Get a Toned Body and Better Skin Instantly? The Detox Body Wrap is The Solution For You

Detoxification is well known for its therapeutic effects on the body. It helps us to get rid of harmful, disease-causing toxins. Many people have observed effects such as smoother skin and lower weight after detox. One of the most effective ways to experience a detox is a wrap. The detox body wrap … [Read more...]

8 Detox Foods to Keep You Healthy this Summer

Summer is the perfect season to work on your health options and working towards being fit. It is during this time when many organic and fresh fruits are in season and a lot of them are great for detoxification and keeping fit. Summer is also a season to prepare and maintain your body, with all those … [Read more...]

Should You Avoid Plant Lectins For A Successful Detox?

The saying that “You are what you eat”, can certainly apply in this day and age. We absorb such huge quantities of toxins through food, that our body, which works hard to get rid of them through a very sophisticated detox system, is not always able to do so. Unproccesed toxins start storing in our … [Read more...]

How to Do a 1-Day Power Juice Cleanse to Detox the Body

It’s not all that easy to do a juice cleanse. It involves the commitment of abstaining from eating solid foods and drinking juice instead, so for newbies it’s inconceivable to aim for a 7-day+ juice cleanse. Even a 3-day cleanse is a bit of a stretch if you are only just starting out. That’s why … [Read more...]

Detox As A Way Of Life

Toxins come from various sources and just listing them would require a book. They are all around us – in the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the soil we grow organic food in, even some kind of medical treatments (eg vaccines, chemotherapy) are highly toxic. Not to mention the … [Read more...]