Cranberry Craziness – How to Detox Using Cranberry Juice

CranberriesYou have probably heard many times before that cranberry juice is a good natural remedy for cystitis but you might be wondering how to detox using cranberry juice.

Cranberries are full of many nutrients such as Vitamins C, and K, manganese, several powerful antioxidants and fiber. They also contain a substance called Arbutin which acts as a powerful diuretic that helps draw out toxins.

You can rid the lymphatic system, the bowels and the kidneys of various kinds of harmful toxins with the help of a cranberry juice detox.  In fact Louise Gittleman includes cranberry juice in her recipe for the “miracle juice” that she recommends on her one day detox.  Of course, you can’t detox in just one day.

There are claims being made on the internet that cranberry juice can be used to detox recreational drugs like marijuana before a drug test but there is absolutely no scientific evidence that it can do this.  A good detox diet with supplement support will help you detox drug residues but it will take more than cranberry juice to do it.

Well let’s get on with how to detox using cranberry juice:

You will need to set aside two to three weeks to complete your cranberry juice detox and it involves drinking 100 % pure cranberry juice twice daily. Flavored juice will not do. Look for brands without sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Your diet for the detox should consist of whole grain food items, brown rice, plenty of vegetables, lentils, beans, fruits and nuts and hardly anything else. But don’t panic, you can gradually introduce other healthy foods after the second week.

How to detox using cranberry juice?

You will require:

Astragalus capsules
Dandelion leaf capsules
Apple pectin
Psyllium husk powder
Distilled water
Cranberry Juice (must be pure 100% juice with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners).

Put 2oz of cranberry juice and 8 oz of distilled water in a lidded container. Add a teaspoon of apple pectin and a teaspoon of psyllium fiber to this mix. Now with the lid on shake up the whole mixture so that it turns into a homogenous drink. Drink this detox mixture before breakfast or after waking up, on an empty stomach.  Drink another one 10 minutes before dinner.

And as I mentioned before, nuts, whole grains, fibrous food items etc are the only things that you can consume during this period. You should avoid of all kinds of processed foods, junk foods, dairy products and meat. Instead eat fruits and veggies, preferably organic.

Week 1

While you are on this cranberry juice detox, in the 1st week, you have to consume 2 capsules of dandelion leaves two or three times daily. It will help cleanse your bowels and kidneys as it is a mild diuretic.

To get an extra burst of pectin, you can munch on organic apples day in and day out. Whatever toxins are in your body will be bound by the pectin and they will get flushed out easily. Bulk is added to the stools by drinking the psyllium husk fiber and this will facilitate easy bowel movements.

Week 2

During the second week replace the dandelion capsules with Astragalus capsules to help cleanse the lymphatic system.

Week 3

During the third week you can gradually cut back on the psyllium husk powder and pectin and start to introduce a little free range poultry, meat and low fat organic dairy products.  Now you know how to detox using cranberry juice.

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