Feng Shui: A Natural And A Healthy Home

When most people consider creating a healthy home environment, possibly the last thing they consider is using Feng Shui for a natural and a healthy home environment. Feng Shui, the ancient art of placement and arrangement of materials in a home, has long been an accepted practice in the East and is fast becoming popular in the West. Many who already utilize it swear by the benefits derived from following its principles.

First, assess the outside of the home or apartment. Does it have inspiring views? Is the plant life luscious and alive? Is the home welcoming and inviting? Whether a person is sensitive to Feng Shui or not, the subtle energies of a home are experienced by all that live and visit there. Think about the last visit made to a friend’s home and whether it was a welcoming feeling or not. Front doors, entryways, foyers can all set the mood for those entering the home.

One of the major tenants of Feng Shui is that the center of the home, the strong energy center, must be kept clean and clutter free. According to Feng Shui practitioners, the eastern area of the home is the portion dedicated to health and family matters. This area needs to be keep clean, brightly lit, and happy. Keeping happy family memories, or pictures, in this area provides a good flow of energy that can combat illnesses and ward off unwanted stresses to the body.

Feng Shui also advises people to carefully lower the amount of EMF (electro-magnetic fields) in the surrounding areas, especially in the eastern portion of your home, and in the bedrooms. Maintaining a lowered EMF exposure is especially important in the bedroom as this is when the body does a large portion of its restoration of itself. EMF fields can inhibit and block the area’s natural energies and redirect the flow away from beneficial zones.

Experts suggest moving things such as cell phones, televisions, radios, and other appliances away from the bed, and especially to move them away from the night stand. If a radio clock is an absolute necessity on the bed stand, then possibly opt for a battery operated one. EMF pollution to the body is one that is cumulative, in that it often takes time for its influence to manifest in the body. However, over months, and years, of exposure to the EMF many diseases begin to take effect on the physical body. The immune system is the first to feel the effects and as such auto-immune disorders are some of the first to arrive.

Simply moving a few key elements in one’s room can provide your family with health and happiness for years to come. Feng Shui, a Natural and a Healthy Home can be an easy process to embrace and have long lasting effects on the entire family.

Michael Schnippering is the founder of Feng Shui at Work. He is committed to the true art and science of Feng Shui. Over the years his Feng Shui practice has taken him to various parts of the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Colombia and Argentina. If you’d like to learn more about Feng Shui, read Michael’ blog and follow him on Twitter @fengshuiatwork. More info here. 

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  1. I’m curious if this really works. I know for sure that chromotherapy works (just paint walls a different color and you’ll surely see and feel a difference) but something like this? I’m a skeptic, mainly because I’ve never read any serious research about feng shui (unlike about chromotherapy).

    However, I have to agree with one thing: “One of the major tenants of Feng Shui is that the center of the home, the strong energy center, must be kept clean and clutter free”. When I got rid of most of my stuff, I felt completely different (and I still keep my home clutter free).

    • Hi Tom,

      I have never heard of Chromotherapy although I know the effect of colors on people. I remember the days when walls of hospitals were painted pale green. Green is associated with health and that is why I chose green for this blog. I have had a color therapy massage too.

      Good health


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