10 Reasons You Should Give Up Alcohol for Good

Listen for the sound of the champagne cork popping – it’s celebration time! This basically sums up our society’s obsession with alcohol. As an adult, you’d probably consider it strange to attend any type of formal celebration without raising a glass. And while no one is knocking you for having … [Read more...]

How to Eat Healthy During the Summer Holiday

Like Christmas and Thanksgiving, the summer months are a time for indulging in in sweet treats. Summer always makes its mark with the smoky scents of a neighbor’s backyard barbecue and late-night street fairs selling ice cream sundaes. With friends and family constantly inviting us to these events, … [Read more...]

How Junk Food Addiction Works

When we think “addiction,” we automatically think drugs. However, addiction can apply to just about anything, including junk food. Few would argue that the U.S. and, increasingly, the world, isn’t struggling with an obesity epidemic. Obesity was just added as an official disease in recent years, and … [Read more...]