How Junk Food Addiction Works

When we think “addiction,” we automatically think drugs. However, addiction can apply to just about anything, including junk food. Few would argue that the U.S. and, increasingly, the world, isn’t struggling with an obesity epidemic. Obesity was just added as an official disease in recent years, and … [Read more...]

Delicious Detox Recipes That Fill You Up

Detox recipes do not have to be boring or tasteless. Gone are the days when you deprive yourself in order to detox. Quite the opposite in fact. The best detox diets include nutritious food that contain the nutrients needed for the detox system to function efficiently. Many people have slow or … [Read more...]

Sugar Detox: Dangers Of Hidden Sugar

"I ate my way to illness on healthy foods". That was a newspaper headline that caught my eye recently". How could that be? It turned out that Damon Gameau, an Australian actor who, after three years on a sugar detox diet, decided to eat foods perceived as healthy but contained hidden sugar as … [Read more...]

Sugar Detox Diet: Is Honey A Good Alternative To Sugar?

Amazon reviewers have accused TV presenter and fitness guru Davina McCall of being misleading for using honey in place of sugar in her sugar detox diet book: 5 Weeks to Sugar-Free Cookbook released earlier this year. Although some reviewers praise the book others have said "Some of these recipes … [Read more...]

Effective Sugar Detox: Discover The Bigger Sugar-Impact Picture

Many food manufacturers focus on just one facet of "sugar impact" and pay little attention to others. But a Sugar Detox plan or diet needs to focus on all the major factors that determine the impact sugar has on your body. For example, adding fiber or nutrients to cookies with high sugar content … [Read more...]

Detox Diet Tips From The Athletes

Have you ever wondered what top athletes eat to give them all that stamina?  I have and, after some research, I find that we can take a few detox diet tips from them. This week saw the end of Wimbledon Tennis and the start of the Tour de France cycle race in the UK and the media has been giving … [Read more...]

My Body Detox And Cleansing Interview

Earlier this year I was contacted by Kristina Gailiute, a journalist from Europe, wanting to interview me about body detox and cleansing for a magazine she was writing an article for.  Here are the questions she asked and my answers.  Kristina : There is so much useful information on your … [Read more...]

Pictures From The Costa Blanca, Spain

Something a bit different today.  If you are one of my detox & health newsletter subscribers you will know that I have been in Spain for the past 3 weeks. So, today for a change, I thought I would  post some pictures from my vacation near Javea on the Costa Blanca, Spain. This olive tree is … [Read more...]

3 Reasons To Do A Sugar Detox

Nowadays it has become common knowledge to not just health enthusiasts but regular people as well that there are a lot of toxins getting into our body from the things we eat, drink and even the air we breathe. In a bid to make sure that we do not overwhelm the body with these toxins, we are advised … [Read more...]

What Is the Best Detox Diet For January?

New here? Like us on Facebook to stay updated of new posts and the latest detox information. If you think your friends or followers will enjoy this post, please share on Facebook or Twitter using the buttons at the end of the post. You can also pin this page to your Pinterest boards.  :) If too … [Read more...]