Flush Out Chemicals With A Niacin Detox

Niacin Detox was an important part of the Purification Program developed by scientists by 1979 for releasing toxins from tissues. The program was developed as a result of research into methods of cleansing the body of drugs.

Niacin is Vitamin B3 and along with B1 and B2 is needed for the Phase 1 detox. Niacin, nicotinamide and nicotinic acid are all forms of Vitamin B3 but niacinimide plays no part in detoxification.

Niacin is needed for energy production, proper digestion, manufacture of hormones, gene expression, a healthy nervous system and healthy skin. We cannot do without it. A certain amount can be made in the body from the amino acid tryptophan, found in meat, dairy and eggs, if there is adequate B1, B2 and B6 but this does not supply our total needs.

Vitamin B3 is found in all organ meats, chicken, beef, salmon, tuna, wheat germ, green leafy vegetables, beans, peas, raw mushrooms, avocados, nuts, dried figs, prunes and dates. Processed food suffers from a loss of niacin.

Sometimes the term niacin detox is used to describe a program often used to lower LDL cholesterol without drugs.  Niacin can improve cardiovascular health and it is often used by doctors of alternative medicine and naturopaths as part of a program to reverse coronary artery disease. It can lower blood fats including cholesterol and widen the small blood vessels known as capillaries improving circulation.

The niacin detox I am talking about here is different. It bursts open fat cells ( lipolysis) to release chemicals or drugs that are stored in them. Many chemicals are stored in the fatty layers of your body. Once the toxins have been released they are detoxed from the body through the skin and intestines.

You may read some articles that say there is no scientific evidence that niacin can detox stored chemicals from the cells but the truth is that they have known that it works for some years but not exactly how.

Niacin is used in the Gerson Therapy for cancer.  Dr Gerson recommended 50mg six times a day for four to six months. He stated that Niacin helps to bring back sufficient glycogen into the liver cells. It also helps in protein metabolism, acts to open small arteries and capillaries and raises electrical potential in cells

Dr George Yu described the niacin detox program that he uses in his practice at the Longevity Now Conference held earlier this year

The dose for the niacin detox protocol varies from practitioner to practitioner but the program should include exercise and far infrared ( FIR) sauna.

Here’s a regime which should be followed for a month.


Start by taking 50 mg a day with food and gradually build up the dose to at least 500mg. You can go up to 1000 mg a day if you think you are quite toxic. People with severe toxicity problems can take up to 5000mg but should be supervised by a health practitioner.

By gradually increasing the dose you will avoid the niacin flush. Niacin dilates the capillaries, increases circulation and releases histamine from cells which will cause the skin to flush, feel hot, make your heart pound and may cause you to itch. It can last for up to an hour but is not at all harmful.

When you continue to take niacin you develop a tolerance and will no longer flush. Don’t be tempted to take non-flush niacin and this will not have the same detox effect.


Use a mini-trampoline ( rebounder)  for this. Jump on it for at least 10 minutes and preferably 20 minutes prior to using a FIR sauna. You may have to gradually build up your exercise time if you are not used to doing any.

FIR Sauna ( or other heat source)

Spend 40 minutes if you can in a sauna built of environmentally safe materials. If you don’t tolerate heat well, have multiple chemical sensitivity or chronic illness then start out with 5 minutes and gradually increase the time by 5 minutes a day.

Wipe sweat from your body while in the sauna and follow it with a cleansing shower using neutral pH organic soap to wash off toxins from the skin. Be sure to wash your hair too. Wipe down the walls of the sauna and launder your towels as soon as possible in hot water because they will be laden with toxins that you have excreted from your body through the skin.
Drink 8 oz pure water for every 15 minutes you spend in the sauna to replace lost fluids.

Additional aids to detoxification

You can take Bentonite clay, activated charcoal, chlorella, psyllium seed or zeolite to help eliminate the toxins from the intestines.

A massage or other form of body work can help to relax muscles and increase circulation encouraging further cleansing.

A good detox diet that includes fresh vegetable juices, green smoothies and a large amount of fresh, raw and lightly cooked vegetables to help replace vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are needed for detox and repair of tissue damaged by the chemical toxins.

Long term intake of 2000mg ( 2 grams) or more a day may lead to side effects of nausea, vomiting, dizziness, flare up of gout, headache; heartburn, skin discoloration and raised liver enzymes in rare cases. These all disappear when therapy is stopped. Dr George Yu says that he never sees any permanent damage with doses up to 5000mg.

It’s worth noting that diabetics may see a reduced tolerance to glucose and people with peptic ulcers may experience more pain. It should not be used in cases where there is any danger of bleeding. If in any doubt be sure to seek the advice of a health practitioner familiar with the Niacin Detox before taking it.

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  1. Bente Petersen says:

    Quite honestly why don’t you say this is the Hubbard Detox ? I worked with this program for years and in many countries and it WORKS.
    Obviously you are trying to not bring up the “controversial” name Hubbard… however I have never found it a problem when dealing with Governments or others who seriously were looking for solutions to detoxify people. It is unprofessional not to give the source of a method or new ways of explaining things. No one has a problem mentioning people like Pasteur, Einstein, Darwin etc etc. And then too it is well known that new methods or ways of explaining phenomena that challenge status quo – vested interests – sometimes take years to be accepted case in point the Atkins Diet (ketone diet) or Kilmer Mc Cullen’s ‘Cholesterol is not what cause arteriosclerosis and heart attacks’.

    • Sandy Halliday says:

      Hi Bente, you are right, the original program I refer to was the Hubbard protocol. It was not my intention to avoid saying so. In fact I don’t know now why I didn’t mention it but it was not to avoid controversy. Not my style. Not all doctors who use niacin therapy to detox their patients do the full Hubbard protocol though.

      • Bente Petersen says:

        Thank you Sandy, For your site and otherwise very good data and for your answer. As I am right now looking more into what part Niacin and what part Lecithin have in the lipolysis ie freeing the fatty acids from their stores in the fatty tissues – a lot of research/studies have been done into both niacin and lecithin in the last 2 decades – I found that while (as you mention) niacin does increase the HDL etc etc – as regards triglycerides, niacin is actually anti-lipolytic and it is the lecithin and the ‘all blend oil’ the Hubbard Protocol recommends taking that gets the fatty acids out into the capillaries, which niacin meanwhile has widened so the blood can flow faster and carry the fatty acids to where they are needed – for giving us energy. I agree it is a good idea to take some fibre like psyllium seed or kelp to help the toxins be excreted and not reabsorbed.

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