Do You Need To Detox Your Body?

Detox your bodyI just love the way Karen describes a toxic body and the proccess of what happens when you detox your body  so with her permission I had to share it here.

Although the article is about transitioning to a raw food diet this same detox process goes on in your body when you follow a good detox diet even though it may not be totally raw.

How to Clean Up Your Whole Life Using Raw Food

Transitioning to a raw food lifestyle will lead to a transformation, not just in your physical body but in your emotions and even in your spiritual life. You will look different, feel different and even think differently – you simply won’t believe how much better your life can become on every level!

That’s borne out by experience. I and many thousands of others are living proof of what’s possible. So why, at the start of their journey, do some people feel so awful that they’re tempted to give up?

Well, as you put more raw foods – the “good stuff” – into your body, it has to compete with the “not-so-good stuff” that’s already there, and you will feel the shift. Your entire physical make-up is being upgraded and replaced with superior building materials. You’re displacing the old stuff with the new and it will show itself as it leaves.

Headaches, lightheadedness, diarrhoea and skin outbreaks can all be symptoms of a shift that, though uncomfortable in the short term, will reap untold benefits very soon.

Some people assume that these symptoms are down to the food they’re eating. Well, of course that’s right, but it’s also very WRONG.

It’s what you’ve eaten (and taken in through other sources like toxic toiletries and medicines) in the past that is the contributor to the icky part. It has to come out at some point!

Imagine a pond. This pond is a metaphor for your body.  Detox your bodyOn the surface, it looks pretty clear. Look below the surface though, and there’s a fair amount of dirt, slime and junk floating around. Dip your arm in the water and swirl it around a little. You begin to see a very thick underlying layer of dirt right the way down to the bottom. Eugh! Not so inviting now for that swim you had in mind, is it?

Now imagine a huge thunderous downpour of rain. As rain upon rain falls down, the pond starts to change.

The top layer begins to dance around a bit. You see splashes and ripples as the rain hits the surface. Then, as it gets heavier, the movement goes a little deeper. The pond begins to look both cleaner AND dirtier. How could this be? Quite simply, the top layer is replaced with the cleaner water that is the rain, and at the same time the dirtier layer just below the surface is rising up.

As this continues, the pond begins to look absolutely filthy! However, slowly but surely, as the amount of fresh, clean rain that’s fallen starts to exceed the amount of old, dirty water remaining, the whole look of the pond starts to transform.

This process continues until none of the old water remains and the water looks crystal clear and very swimmable!

This is what happens in our body when we start to replace our old “junk body” with fresh, clean, pure ingredients.

Detox your body

We begin to look and feel better – but yes, until a certain point this may be alternated with periods of not looking or feeling as good as we did. Stuff that has been lingering beneath the surface for weeks, months and often years, is coming up to be washed away.

Continue long enough and your body will become so clean and clear that you won’t be afraid to look deep into it and see everything that’s there. You’ll feel clean and confident that your body not only looks good but smells good (your breath gets fresher and the scent of your skin becomes naturally sweeter), feels good (skin gets softer and hair silkier) and even tastes good (I’ll leave that one to your imagination!)

“Cleaning out your pond” can be uncomfortable at times, but what would you prefer – a murky, muddy mess just below the surface, or a bright, sparkling, clean and clear pool to swim in? I know my answer. The life I lead now and the way I look, think and feel in myself are incomparable to the way I was when I started eating this way. I really wouldn’t change any part of my journey, and I can promise you that, once your “pond” is clean, you’ll feel fresh, clean and totally transformed too.

Do you need to detox your body?

Does this description make you want to detox your body? If the detox is managed well then the detox symptoms are negligible. It’s only when you stir up more toxicity than your liver and other organs of elimination can handle that you get detox symptoms. The key is to make sure that the liver is well supported with the nutrients it needs for the detox pathways to function efficiently. My 9 Simple Steps To Slenderness Guide shows you how.

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  1. Hi Sandy,

    Now this was very interesting with what Karen shared and I’ve never done this before, ever. I’ve heard about it and of course different people arguing that it doesn’t work or it’s a waste of time. I seriously have no clue whether it is or not because like I said I’m not familiar with this and this is definitely not my area of expertise.

    I know that I could never go to just raw foods, I love food way too much although I do limit myself and only splurge on the weekend if at all. It’s a fact that I could definitely be healthier but I think for my age, height and weight that I’m doing pretty darn good actually. I’m on no medications at all and I walk everyday. Okay, most everyday because today it’s raining.

    Thank you for sharing this interesting post though and not that it’s something I’ll be doing but I did find it fascinating.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


    • Sandy Halliday says:

      Hi Adrienne,

      Great to hear that you are not taking any medication. There aren’t many people that don’t take any medication at all. You must be doing something right!

      People don’t as a rule feel they need to detox if there is nothing wrong with them. It tends to be people who have a health problem that the doctor can’t solve or can’t diagnose. Or perhaps they just want more energy or lose a few pounds.

      I know what you mean about going completely raw. I could not either and it’s too cold here in the UK to eat cold food in the winter. But, it’s actually not necessary to eat 100 % raw to detox. People have recovered from all sorts of diseases with detoxes that included cooked food.

      Thanks for visiting and your thoughtful comment.


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