How To Alkalize Your Body To Detox, Energize And Revitalize

I am sure you will have heard that alkalizing is the key to good health. But, did you know that when your body is in a state of chronic acidosis your liver detox system does not work?
So, let’s look at how to alkalize your body to promote detox so you can energize and revitalize.

Signs & symptoms of acidity

If you feel tired, achy or itchy, get foggy thinking, are noticing signs of accelerated aging, have weight problems then chances are you are too acidic. If you have any kind of health problem such as eczema, irritable bowel, arthritis, allergies, osteoporosis or fertility problems, you are more than likely to be acidic.

There are many signs of being over acidic. Lack of energy, craving for sugar, carbohydrates, caffeine and generally feeling you are running on empty are all signs of being acidic. Being over acidic leads to increased discomfort in the body and eventually to dis-ease.

There are a number of diseases that result in severe metabolic acidosis but I am talking about a  sub-clinical rise in acidity here. A tiny shift in pH that your doctor probably won’t recognize but makes all the difference to how you feel.

Modern diets cause acidity

Modern diets high in meat proteins, dairy products, processed grains, damaged fats,table salt, additives, pesticides and other chemicals really push your pH balance to acidic.

The breakdown of these proteins creates acidic by-products which have to be eliminated by the kidneys producing acidic urine.  The normal metabolic processes that go on in your body create acidity. Stress creates further acidity.

When your body is in a chronic state of metabolic acidosis your liver detox system is compromised. The liver enzymes, known as Phase 1 and Phase II, are highly pH sensitive and are responsible for converting many toxic chemicals into water-soluble metabolites that can be eliminated in the bile or by the kidneys in the urine.

Most poisons and toxins are acidic and weak acids.By creating a more alkaline environment we can enhance and accelerate the daily detoxification process.  Being in a state of chronic acidification is hindering your ability to detoxify.

Creating an alkaline-food lifestyle is the most powerful way you can optimize your health, boost your body with endless energy, and melt away excess pounds.

How to alkalize your body for detox?

Filing your plate and your body with delicious and satisfying vegetables and fruit will dramatically improve the way you feel and look in a few weeks, if not days.

Detox diet planGreat green goodness

Greens are particularly good at alkalizing your body. Green foods contain magnesium-rich chlorophyll and potassium which push acidity and toxicity from the cells, while helping to create energy. Chlorophyll helps to create more red blood cells and ultimately more oxygen which means your body can detoxify faster.

Green juicing, green smoothies, sprouts and green superfood powders have been a clear health message for some years now.

These foods not only help to alkalize your body so that the detox enzymes function but they
supply enough alkaline elements to neutralize acidic wastes stored in the body tissues and cells.

It’s easy to get more alkaline foods into your diet:

1. Fill your plate with vegetables especially green ones.
2. Drink at least one green juice or green smoothie a day.
3. Add Go Five Alive Green Vitality Superfood to your juice, smoothie or drink it on it own every  day.

Green Organics Five Alive Green Vitality contains the dried juice of 5 organic grasses plus a powerful blend of vegetables, herbs, sprouts and leaves, which have all been chosen for their power to alkalize your body.

Formulated by two leading acid/alkaline balance specialists I truly believe it is the best green superfood on the market today. Simply by adding a scoop or two to your diet everyday is the quickest and best way I know how to alkalize your body to detox, energize and revitalize. Try it!


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  1. Agree that too much is made of eating today. In many cultures meat is rarely eaten and is seen as a treat, as something special. This is a healthy attitude for two reasons: firstly, it is better for your digestive system; and secondly it makes you appreciate and respect animals.

  2. Drinking green juice is one of the best ways to start the alkalizing process. Unlike fruit juices, there aren’t any excess fruit sugar. The Dr Oz’s Green Drink Juice Recipe is a good start.

  3. Great job on your article and I do agree that the greatest things that detoxifies our bodies are just fruits and veggies.

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