Control Emotional Stress To Reap the Full Benefits of Detox Diet

Have you ever considered the fact that the way you think might be related to the toxins in your body and brain? Feeling of anger, anxiety, panic, depression, neurotic behavior can all be the result of toxicity. And to create a vicious cycle, emotional stress or negative thoughts can, in turn, create toxicity. So, to benefit fully from a detox diet you have to learn to deal with your emotions. It is also known as emotional detox.

Detox Diet PlanMental and emotional stress contribute to most diseases in some way. Stress causes the body to release certain chemicals which, if allowed to build up, are toxins in themselves. They disrupt the body’s delicate biochemical balance. Doctors know that mental attitude has a huge effect in the outcome of treatments of various diseases.

In Chinese medicine the emotion of anger affects your liver function, worry will upset your digestive system, fear disturbs your kidney function and grief damages the lungs.

When you don’t worry or are stressed your adrenal glands don’t secrete the stress hormones such as cortisol which suppresses the immune system and upsets the nervous system.

Stress prevents liver detox

Many researchers have observed the profound effect the mind can have on the cells in your body. One study showed that stress could prevent the liver detoxifying a certain drug. Scientists have verified that the hormones released in response to stress do have an adverse effect on the liver’s detox pathways. So to get the full benefits of a detox diet it’s very important to be able to control emotional stress.

When you are happy your brain secretes neuropeptides, the happy hormones, that switch on the healing response.

Heavy metals affect the way you feel and think

On the other hand, as I mentioned above, toxins affect the way you feel and think. Heavy metals are neurotoxic. This means that they are toxic to the brain cells and cells of the nervous system. They affect the way your brain and nervous system cells communicate. Heavy metals and other toxins such pesticides and solvents prevent them sending and receiving vital messages affecting your mood and intelligence.

Toxins also cause free radical damage to brain cells which can ultimately lead to destruction of brain cells. Scientists believe that Parkinson’s Disease is caused by damage to the dopamine producing cells by pesticides.

Excessive stress damages your health

Stress is a normal human reaction that we depend on for survival. When it is excessive it damages your health. Some people are better at controlling stress than others. Smoking and alcohol are used by some as a way of dealing with stress but this is not the answer as these substances cause further damage.

Detox brain altering toxins

A detox diet helps you get rid of the toxins that affect brain function.  A diet high in fatty, sugary and processed food, alcohol and stimulants dulls the communication between your mind and body because it puts a strain on your elimination system.

A detox diet of alkalizing and nutrient rich foods makes the communication system more vibrant. You will feel more energized, alive and mentally clear. You will be more aware of how foods affect the way you feel and think.

A word of warning though. During a detox you could find that old memories and feelings are released which can be very frightening if you are not prepared for this to happen

Generate positive thoughts

Making an effort to generate positive thoughts is an important key to controlling emotional stress and detoxing the mind. Focusing on the positive can be done with deep relaxation, visualization, meditation, yoga, breath work, affirmations, enjoyable hobbies, music, adequate rest and exercise. Find out more about some of these techniques in this post:  How to Reduce Toxic Stress Chemicals

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