How To Heal Your Body Without Prescription Drugs That Damage Your Liver

Although the exact cause of Whitney Houston’s sad death this week is not yet known it has once again  brought home the dangers of prescription drugs and alcohol. Virtually all drugs and alcohol have to be detoxified by the liver and they can damage your liver as well as your body.

Drugs are chemicals that are foreign to the liver. They are made from inorganic substances that are extremely hard for the body to eliminate. Drugs damage your liver directly or indirectly as a result of them being detoxified by your liver.

Liver detox is a 2 step process

Liver detox consists of a two step process known as Phase I and Phase II. The chemial produced by Phase I Liver Detox can be more reactive and damaging than the original if it is unable to be detoxified by Phase II.

This can happen when a person has a slow Phase II liver detox system or the detox pathways are simply too overloaded with chemical toxins for the liver to cope.

There a number of nutrients needed by the body to detox drugs, alcohol and other toxins as best it can. If  these nutrients are deficient then the detox pathways do not function as they should and the toxic residues do untold damage to the liver and other tissues where they accumulate.

Some drugs such as Benzodiazapines ( Centrax, Prozac, Librium, Valium etc) supress Phase 1 liver detox in the liver and the brain. This results in slow metabolism of some brain chemicals that need to be eliminated before they build up and become toxic, increasing the risk of brain toxicity.

Drugs can interfere with the metabolism of other drugs causing many problems when a combination of prescription drugs are used. While working in hospitals as a nurse many years ago I saw first hand how one drug would cause side effects that needed another drug to try to supress them.

Drug companies have for years been looking for a drug that cures virtually any illness but they haven’t managed to find one. Drugs merely supress or manage symptoms. They do not cure.

Causes of disease

In fact mainstream doctors don’t look for the underlying cause of symptoms or disease which in the eyes of doctors who practice Functional Medicine, naturopathic doctors and many other health practitioners is down to deficiency of essential nutrients or toxicity.

It’s a sad fact that the majority of people just want to pop a pill to get rid of a symptom. They don’t want to have to change the way they eat or their way of life. And it’s another sad fact that the majority of doctor’s rarely encourage it.

People are drowning in unecessary medication. From statins to asprin the drug companies now want us to take drugs for prevention of disease, whether they are needed or not. Apparently the average person over sixty is likely to be on as many as 6 drugs at one time!

People have been brainwashed into believeing that once they are given a diagnosis, which is really just a label, that there is nothing that can be done except take a pill for the rest of their lives.

People also believe that certain conditions are a an inevitable result of getting older when in fact it’s more likely to be a result of a lifetime of bad diet and lifestyle leading to deficiencies and toxicity. We were designed to live healthily without drugs or labels of disease well into our 90’s and die peacefully in our sleep.

How do you heal your body without prescription drugs?

There is plenty of evidence around that the standard Western diet of processed food and the toxic chemicals we are exposed to every day are two of the main causes of chronic disease. Researchers are discovering all the time that certain foods are every bit as powerful as drugs but without the side effects.

You can heal your body without prescription drugs that damage your liver and end the battle of many conditions by getting rid of the toxins that make you sick in the first place and supplying the body with the nutrients it needs to repair itself. Yes, your body can heal itself given the right conditions.

Learn more about how to detox your body in The Definitive Detox Diet.

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  1. Your website is a wealth of information. Each time I visit, I learn something new. I don’t know why I didn’t consider the fact that pills have to be de-toxified by the liver also. Excellent post!

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