Exercise for Detoxification

exercise-for-detoxificationOne of the many benefits of aerobic exercise is that it helps with detoxification of the body. Aerobic exercise promotes sweating – and sweating encourages toxins to leave the body through the skin. Most don’t know it, but the body is really supposed to be eliminating two pounds of toxins each day – just through the skin. Aerobic exercise is needed to make this happen and it’s important that the skin is able to breathe properly to release those toxins, which can be easily accomplished by regular dry skin brushing.

Skin brushing is a technique where the skin all over the body is brushed daily, in the direction of the heart, to remove any dead skin so the skin can breathe freely. Dry skin brushing compounds the benefits of aerobic exercise by making sure that the toxins wanting to leave the body in the sweat can actually make it out the body.

In addition to encouraging the removal of toxins through sweating, aerobic exercise stimulates the lymphatic system, which is another important detoxification channel. The lymph is similar to blood, and it brings nourishment to our cells and carries away cellular waste. But, unlike other the blood which is pumped by the heart, lymphatic requires movement from exercise to function properly. The movement of aerobic exercise moves our lymph and keeps it from becoming stagnant and collecting waste. It also encourages the removal of waste from our cells. Just as water becomes dirty when stagnant, so too does our lymph.

Old lymph, with cellular waste, is dumped in the colon for so it can leave the body quickly. Therefore, to get the biggest bang for your detoxification buck from aerobic exercise, you can also do colon cleansing to ensure that old lymph and cellular waste leaves your body. Many health problems are caused by a dirty colon in the first place, so cleaning your colon can also be an important health measure – one just as important as aerobic exercise.

Image by Edson Hong

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