Is Clean Sleeping Essential For Good Health?

We've had clean eating and now we've got clean sleeping. If you don't already know clean sleeping means having at least seven or eight hours of good quality sleep a night regularly. Ten hours of uninterrupted sleep according to Gwyneth Paltrow is even better. Clean sleeping may be the new term … [Read more...]

6 Effective Tips to Detox Without Juice, Fast or any Restriction

There are cheats in detoxifying yourself. However, the question is, are they going to work? The answer is indefinite because it depends upon you and your dedication and the steps you will read in this article are some basic steps. There are effective detox tips that do not need the help of juice, … [Read more...]

The Detoxing Health Benefits Of Leafy Greens

Very few people eat their 5 a day let alone the USDA recommendations of at least 3 cups of dark green vegetables per week. It's hardly surprising as, in spite of all their detoxing and other health benefits, the majority of people just don't like leafy greens. It's a great pity because certain … [Read more...]

Do You Need To Detox Your Body From Toxic Chemicals?

Have you ever considered that you may need to detox your body from toxic chemicals? Last week I wrote about the toxic metals lurking in your make up but did you know that women apply an average of 168 chemicals to their bodies every day. Isn't that shocking? Researchers have discovered that the … [Read more...]

How To Double Your Detox And Weight Loss

Has your summer fun left you with a muffin top, or skinny jeans that threaten not to zip shut? Are you feeling cloudy and sluggish from one too many margaritas & late nights? Start your September off right with a special event hosted by my good friends and New York Times bestselling … [Read more...]

Detoxify With Some Simple Superfood Recipes

Detoxification or detox as some people may call it, is the physiological or medicinal method of toxin substance removal from  the human body. It can also refer to the period or time of withdrawal during a person's return to homeostasis after a long-term use of an addictive substance. In the field … [Read more...]

Cycle Sauna Detox | The Fast Way To Detox

When it comes to detox I thought I had heard and seen it all but a Cycle Sauna Detox was a new one on me. Carol Alt, American model, actress and raw food proponent, recently interviewed Chris Chelios, retired American professional ice hockey player and he says he's been using a cycle sauna to … [Read more...]

Does Detox Work or is it a Scam?

At the beginning of every year just when people are thinking of going on a detox diet to help them lose weight after the holiday season we get the headlines Detox is rubbish, Detox is a scam, Detox is a waste of money, Detox Diets are dangerous. You might well be asking does detox work? I recently … [Read more...]

Top 10 Detox Foods For Your Detox Diet

Many different substances are needed for good detox function. Nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytochemicals (natural plant chemicals) all play a role in the intricate processes that make up your detox system. They can be found in a wide variety of foods. Some contain more than … [Read more...]

Herbal Colon Cleansing Might Just Save Your Life

In spite of the fact that herbal colon cleansing is becoming more and more popular the majority of people would not connect a toxic bowel to their health problems. Mainstream doctors are unlikely to link their patient's poor health to their bowels, nor are they likely to recommend colon … [Read more...]