The Two Day Diet – 2 Days of Detox, 5 Days of Pleasure

2 day detox diet 2 Days of Detox, 5 Days of Pleasure. That’s what the Two Day Diet is called in France!

First it was the Alternate Day Fast, then it was the 5:2 Diet now the buzz is all about the 2 Day Diet.

The 2-Day Diet is said to be a “clinically proven” weight loss plan that helps you lose fat and keeps you healthy without going hungry,  although Zoe Harcombe, author of the The Harcombe Diet, disputes that the fact that it is clinically proven.

The attaction of the diet is that you only have to “diet” for 2 consecutive days a week and the rest of the week you can eat “normal healthy meals”, or so it says in a booklet that came with the Daily Mail last week.

But, when I investigated it further the doctors who created this plan say you should eat the Mediterranean way for the other 5 days. A world of difference from the “normal” meals that many people think are healthy!

On your 2 “fasting” days you eat lean protein and lots of low carb vegetables. You can even have some olive oil on your salad, a dessertspoonful of nuts or seeds, a handful of olives or ¼ an avocado.

It is a sort of detox as it cuts out the junk food and processed food and includes lots of vegetables.

Don’t think you can overeat the rest of the time though, you can’t. You must eat healthily the ‘free’ days or you simply won’t lose the weight and you won’t get the health benefits.

The best thing about the The 2-Day Diet is that there is no boring calorie counting or fasting as there is in the 5:2 diet.

The renowned doctors behind the diet found that dieters were more likely to stick to the Two Day Diet than to standard dieting. Followers of the diet lost twice as much fat as those on a daily calorie-controlled diet.

The 2-Day Diet also has numerous proven health benefits including:

  • Reduction of insulin levels
  • Reducion of other hormones known to cause cancer,
  • Reduction of inflammation known to be at the root of heart disease and diabetes
  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Improves well-being, mood and energy
  • Anti-ageing effects

Obesity is becoming a huge problem in the Western World. It has been estimated that obesity related problems cost over $150 million and cause 300,000 premature deaths in US alone.

In Britain more than a quarter of adults are obese and a new report claims that obesity is worse than feared.

Consequences of excess body fat are:

It is an undeniable fact that carrying excess fat will have an impact on physical and emotional life.

High blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, joint problems, cancer, and many psychological disorders are said to be associated with obesity.

Five Advantages of the 2 Day Diet.

1 Flexible

Unlike other diets, this diet is easy to stick to long term and is why it really works. You diet for only two days and eat normally for the other five days. This flexibility is not available in other diets as you have to reduce your calories every day.

Another important benefit of this diet is that it will not interfere with your lifestyle. You can still attend parties and go to business lunches.

2. Doable

The diet is based on Dr Harvie’s experience of working with dieters for over 22 years as a dietician and was designed to be ‘do-able’. The diet has simple rules, but sufficient choice to accommodate different tastes and lifestyles.

3. Inexpensive

This lifestyle diet does not recommend any expensive food or supplements. It is simply restricting the calorie intake for a 24-hour period twice in a week. And that’s it!

4. No side-effects

Most of the fad diets are not healthy and eventually leave you with many side effects such as fatigue, constipation, nausea and other symptoms.

There are a lot of risks associated with rapid weight loss, which includes malnutrition, dehydration and electrolyte imbalances.

The Two Day Diet lifestyle does not entail any extreme forms of dieting that could upset your body functioning and therefore, it will not have any side effects.

5. Permanent results

The goal of any weight loss program is a permanent weight loss. Nobody wants a program that is short lived.

It is a fact that many people that follow weight loss programs that promise quick results finally end up with weight gain. This is the main reason that people are always trying different diets in the hope of permanent results.

Remember that any diet that is not flexible enough and also too much restrictive doesn’t bring permanent results.

The 2 Day diet lifestyle is very flexible and not restrictive in the sense that you will not feel deprived of your food choices; the result of your weight loss is permanent.

Dr Harvie, one of the doctors who devised the 2 Day Diet, says it will help retrain your appetite for good.

So, if you don’t fancy a usual detox diet to kick start your weight loss then perhaps this 2 Day Diet will be the answer.

Which diet would you prefer to do?  Have you tried any of the diets mentioned here?  If so why not share your experiences with my readers in the comments.

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