The Detox Diet that Uncovered A Gluten Allergy, Cured Eczema & Boosted Energy

It's Coeliac UK Awareness this week and the story of how Emily Rantzen's chance detox diet uncovered her gluten allergy, cured eczema and boosted her energy is in the news again. In an article in Waitrose's Weekend,  TV presenter, Esther Rantzen, relates the story of how her daughter Emily, who had … [Read more...]

How to Beat Chronic Fatigue with Detox

I was pleased to read recently that Dr Sarah Myhill who has had a lot of success in treating difficult chronic fatigue cases with a multi pronged approach that included detox was reinstated by the General Medical Council. Dr Myhill, a private UK general practioner, has been hounded for over 10 … [Read more...]

Using Glutathione Therapy For Parkinson’s Disease

Guest post. Today, the number of people with Parkinson's disease is way too high.  This disease brings with it discomfort, frustration, and pain.  However, Dr. Perlmutter has discovered a new form of treatment, pioneering what is called Glutathione Therapy. Not only is this a safe solution for … [Read more...]