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toxins — Detox

Detoxing Your Kitchen | 3 Toxins to Watch Out for In Common Kitchen Items

Simple, clean eating is a definitive component of a detoxification diet. As you cut out processed and packaged foods which essentially have excess everything - salt, fat, sugar, carbs - and start to consume healthy, whole vegetables, fruits, lean meats, organic dairy products, eggs, and whole … [Read more...]

Scary Truth Of Toxic Chemicals In Plastic Food Containers And Packaging

The sight of various attractively packaged foods on the supermarket shelves might have you drooling but it's a fact that as well as the food you might be getting a dose of highly toxic chemicals that you had not bargained for. This nightmare has become known after recent studies in Europe and U.S … [Read more...]

The Health Effects Of Toxins In The Body

Once again we are reminded how you risk your health when you put toxins in the body. Jacqueline McGlade of the European Environment Agency stated that the chemicals used in fake tanning products may be a contributing factor behind significant increases in cancer, diabetes, obesity and falling … [Read more...]

How to Beat Chronic Fatigue with Detox

I was pleased to read recently that Dr Sarah Myhill who has had a lot of success in treating difficult chronic fatigue cases with a multi pronged approach that included detox was reinstated by the General Medical Council. Dr Myhill, a private UK general practioner, has been hounded for over 10 … [Read more...]

How To Heal Your Body Without Prescription Drugs That Damage Your Liver

Although the exact cause of Whitney Houston's sad death this week is not yet known it has once again  brought home the dangers of prescription drugs and alcohol. Virtually all drugs and alcohol have to be detoxified by the liver and they can damage your liver as well as your body. Drugs are … [Read more...]

Is Sugar Toxic & Why Avoid It On A Detox Diet?

"Sugar is toxic beyond its calories"  say doctors at the University of California and argue that it should be taxed like alcohol and tobacco. So what exactly do they mean by that and is that why you should avoid it while on a detox diet? What do we mean by sugar? Carbohydrate is the main … [Read more...]

Is Your Detox System Overloaded With Every Day Toxic Chemicals?

The story last week of Merlene Paul who had some bad reactions caused by the toxic chemicals from a packet of T shirts she had just opened caught my eye. This is a typical reaction of a person whose detox system has become overloaded. Living in a chemical soup We are surrounded by toxic chemicals … [Read more...]

Does Detox Work Or Is It Pointless?

It started early this year. It's usually not until January that doctors speak out against detox. Last week a British doctor claimed that detox is pointless and and could be highly dangerous. Writing in the December issue of The Biologist,  Prof David Bender, professor of nutritional biochemistry at … [Read more...]

Is Your Hair Dye Damaging Your Liver And Risking Your Life?

If you use hair dye to look younger or improve the way you look you could actually be shortening your life.  In England a 17 year old girl recently died in hospital after she reacted badly to Para- Phenylendiamine (PPD) an ingredient in the hair dye she used to darken her hair. Although it has not … [Read more...]

Flush Out Chemicals With A Niacin Detox

Niacin Detox was an important part of the Purification Program developed by scientists by 1979 for releasing toxins from tissues. The program was developed as a result of research into methods of cleansing the body of drugs. Niacin is Vitamin B3 and along with B1 and B2 is needed for the Phase 1 … [Read more...]