Cure Leaky Gut Before You Detox

Having a healthy gut strengthens your body’s first line of defence.  It’s now recognised that tiny leaks in the lining of small intestine known as leaky gut overload the liver and it is essential to cure leaky gut before you start a detox.

In the last decade there has been a new awareness of one of the oldest immune weapons we have – our own gut lining!  A leaky gut can play a role in diseases as diverse as asthma and arthritis.

As well as absorbing your food the the lining of your intestine is meant to act as a barrier to keep out undigested protein and harmful bacteria, yeast or parasites. The lining gets damaged by things like aspirin, bacteria, or even the pesticides sprayed on your food.

Activated Immune System

When the lining becomes damaged and lets the harmful organisms or undigested food molecules into the body it is called “leaky gut”. As a result your immune system becomes activated and it can lead to auto-immune disease.

A whole host of health problems such as skin complaints, asthma,  food allergies, chemical sensitivity, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, headaches and musculo-skeletal problems can result from leaky gut.

To find out if you have a leaky gut it’s best to get an intestinal permeability test done at a specialized lab like Genova Diagnostics or Metametrix.

Gut Healing

Healing the intestinal lining is essential for health. A number of nutrients can help to heal a leaky gut. The amino acid Glutamine is the main substance that the intestinal cells need to renew and repair themselves. Zinc carnosine is a form of the mineral that is particularly effective for gut healing. Slippery elm is soothing and calming for a damaged and inflammed gut lining.

Supplements that are made specifically for healing leaky gut often contain a number of nutrients that may include aloe vera extract, NAG (N-acetyl glucosamine) and DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice) as well as glutamine and zinc.

Detox the toxins

It is also important to address the accumulation of toxins that are already in your body as well as those that you constantly add. Toxins from the environment are increasing at an alarming rate.

In his book Food Allergy and Nutrition Revolution Dr James Braly says that, “Seriously allergic and sensitive people are essentially no different from everyone else – it’s a difference in degree, not kind. Their suffering is a clear warning to the rest of us about the incredible invisible dangers of our surroundings”

Various fasts used to detox can release the toxins from the fatty tissue too quickly, especially if you are overloaded with them from a leaky gut. Fasting also robs the body of the necessary nutrients needed by the liver to process the toxins ready for elimination through the bile or urine.

Very low calorie detox diets stress the adrenal glands and pancreas by making them regulate low blood sugar. Using a good detox protein powder like Ultra Clear Plus pH to mix with fruit juice or vegetable juice is an excellent way reduce calorie intake enough to rest the organs while supporting the detox pathways.

If detox pathways are slow or lacking in nutrients the toxins are unable to be eliminated and are left to recirculate and settle in your tissues, causing pain, inflammation and disease.

It’s important to heal a leaky gut if you are going to detox your body or you will be constantly overloading your liver with toxins leaking from it. You can find out more about leaky gut and how to cure it here: Leaky Gut Cure

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  1. Interesting read. If you have auto immune diseases like hasimotos thyroiditis, in all likelihood you have leaky gut.

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