How To Tell If You Need To Detox Your Body?

Detox your boduA question I get asked a lot is how do you know if you need to detox your body? Your body is very complex. Thousands of tasks are going on in it every minute of every day and you will be completely unaware of them. But when something goes wrong your body starts to send you warnings that you need to detox your body.

The problem is that you may not realize that these warnings come in the form of symptoms. When there’s an issue, your body tries to alert you to it by causing something to hurt, to swell, or by taking up more energy than it normally would.

Far too often these messages are ignored or put down to other things such as age or stress until they reach a point where you realize that you feel bad and have a struggle with your day-to-day activities.

One of the reasons that your body starts sending out warning messages is because it reaches a point where toxins build up leading to toxin overload. By the time you reach that point, you’ll probably start to feel pretty bad.

You can help your body stay in good health by checking from time to time to see if your mind or body is beginning to show symptoms commonly associated with a toxin build up.


Symptoms of toxin build up

One symptom to watch for is mental fog. When this happens, you’ll begin to experience trouble with the way that you think. You’ll lack the clarity that you once had.

At first, you might not even notice that your mind isn’t as quick as it used to be but as time passes and toxins continue to build up, the mental fog will only grow worse until you do something to  detox your body.

Mental fog can vary from one person to the next, depending on the level of toxins you’ve been exposed to, how your body handles them, and how good your detox abilities are. What can be kind of scary is that testing for these toxins isn’t easy.

Blood tests don’t reveal toxins

Blood tests rarely reveal toxins because they don’t stay in the blood long. Only in cases of acute toxicity will they show up in the blood.

The body has the ability to move them out of the blood and into the tissues. It would take a different type of test such as a tissue or fat biopsy to find them. Not something that is done by doctors unless they have an interest in Functional Medicine or detoxification.

When you have a build up of toxins in your body it usually shows as fatigue. This fatigue can reach the point where it leaves you drained and unable to function. Fatigue is rarely diagnosed as a toxicity problem and is often attributed to other conditions. More energy is often one of the benefits people notice after following a good detox diet plan.

Toxins interfere with energy production

When toxins stay in your body they can interfere with the function of the vitamins and minerals involved in energy production in your cells. Your body can only handle so much and when toxins are in your body, your system tries to get rid of them, but unfortunately, it very often can’t keep up with the volume of toxins we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

That’s why your body needs a helping hand in the form of detox. When you follow a detox diet plan, you can detox your body of these toxins, even if the toxins have built up over time. You can restore clarity of mind and get the energy that you lost back.

A good detox diet plan helps support the detox pathways                            detox your body                                   

So, do you think you have toxicity problems? Although Spring is one of the key times to detox your body you can detox at any time you feel the need.  Remember, a detox diet is not a starvation diet but one that helps to support the detox pathways that eliminate the toxins.  Try it!

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  1. Nice post Sandy! I recently tried a slight detox for a week of only drinking water and eating fruit/vegetables/protein. I usually drink a ton of pop and eat junk food so it was a very challenging. But after the week I had more energy than ever!

    • Sandy Halliday says:

      Hi Martin,

      An increase in energy is often one of the top benfits that people find when they detox. Junk food does not give you the nutrients you need to function optimally. Sugar, although giving you a boost of energy initially actually drains your energy. It’s a nutrient robber as it does not supply any nutrients but uses up nutrients from your body as it’s metabolized. I hope you have given up the soda pop for good!
      Good health,

  2. Hi Sandy,

    Informative post indeed 🙂

    You are right about all that you mentioned, and I can surely relate to a lot of it, especially the mental fog! There are times when one is just overwhelmed with lots of workload, and one doesn’t realize the harm it’s doing to your health, even if you are taking all the required measures. I guess the toxins play a major role there.

    The most damaging toxins are more likely to come from the environment, the food we eat or water we drink, even the products we use, isn’t it? Makes sense to switch to fruit and vegetables, which luckily we have a lot at home, with a lot of herbs and spices too. I’ve started cutting down on the sugar and seeing the difference, and switched to just soups and smoothies and any fruit for the evening and dinner, and it’s working well. Yes, the mornings start with warm water, lemon, honey, and one can sip this anytime during the day.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

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