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kidney detox — Detox

Will Birch Sap Become The Detox Juice of the Year?

A spiralizer may be the gadget of year and souping may be the new juicing but if journalists are to be believed then Birch sap is the detox juice of the year. Birch water or sap is predicted to knock coconut water off it's perch as the latest detox juice drink. The juice is harvested from the … [Read more...]

Skin Detox

I have just talked about kidney cleanse so its logical to think about skin detox next as the skin is often referred to as the third kidney. Believe it or not the skin is one of the organs of detox. We don't tend to think of the skin as an organ but it is considered to be the largest organ of the … [Read more...]

Kidney Cleanse & Detox

Your kidneys are a very important part of your cleansing and detox system along with the liver, bowel, skin, lymph and lungs. Some toxins that have been processed by  your liver to make them water soluble are cleansed from your body by your kidneys through the urine. They help prevent toxins … [Read more...]