Overall Benefits of Green Tea Detox and Ways to Ensure That They are all Realized

Detoxifying is the process through which a person cleanses his/her body system. This mainly entails taking substances that will push the impurities out. There are many detoxifying methods that exist but one common one is green tea detox. Detoxifying using green tea entails the use of green tea as a … [Read more...]

Charcoal Detox: 2015’s Weirdest Juice Craze

Will you be grabbing a charcoal detox juice this year or will you give this one a miss? If you’re into green smoothies and juices you are probably used to adding whey protein, chia seeds, hemp hearts and green superfood but you might not have tried the latest trend of adding charcoal to your … [Read more...]

Detox Drink Recipes That Will Surprise You

What do the words detox drink conjure up for you? A concoction of nasty tasting gloop or something tasty and enjoyable? I have tasted a few pretty horrible detox concoctions in my time but they don't have to be like that to be effective. Do you think of a detox drink as something that is hot … [Read more...]