How To Stay Healthy With A Daylong Detox Plan?

Who doesn’t want to stay healthy? But, you’ve got to agree with me that amongst all the ways to stay fit and healthy there are very few plans that work out! Not everything does real wonders! But, whatever might be the state, either you’ve eaten far too much last night or just want to take your first … [Read more...]

Sugar Detox: Dangers Of Hidden Sugar

"I ate my way to illness on healthy foods". That was a newspaper headline that caught my eye recently". How could that be? It turned out that Damon Gameau, an Australian actor who, after three years on a sugar detox diet, decided to eat foods perceived as healthy but contained hidden sugar as … [Read more...]

Detox Drink Recipes That Will Surprise You

What do the words detox drink conjure up for you? A concoction of nasty tasting gloop or something tasty and enjoyable? I have tasted a few pretty horrible detox concoctions in my time but they don't have to be like that to be effective. Do you think of a detox drink as something that is hot … [Read more...]

Benefits of Drinking Natural Lemon Juice Daily

Ever since Beyonce Knowles claimed she lost 10 kgs with a lemon detox drink there has been a huge surge of interest in drinking various lemon juice concoctions. Although the naturopath Stanley Burroughs has been credited with inventing the original lemon detox drink over 60 years ago, fresh … [Read more...]

Natural Liver Detox Tips

I recently read that British Scientists have devised a new blood test that can reveal hidden liver damage caused by drinking and obesity. They hope it could soon be used by doctors to identify people at risk of life-threatening liver disease before it is too late. Why wait until it gets this far? … [Read more...]

New Year Detox Diet: Try This 2 Day Detox Diet

If you've had a spell of rich food, more alcohol than usual and late nights over the holiday season why not try this easy 2 Day Detox Diet to help restore your energy and vitality?  Although Spring is the traditional time to detox many people feel more motivated to do a New Year Detox Diet. Instead … [Read more...]

The Amazing Three Day Alkalizing Cleanse

Much is talked about the acid alkaline balance of the body. Each and every cell of the body functions best within a certain pH range. Most of your body cells, tissues and blood should be slightly alkaline for good health but today's lifestyles and food choices tend to make the body more acidic which … [Read more...]

Liver Detox:The Morning Lemon Detox Drink

A liver detox or cleanse is one of the most important things you can do for your body. The liver is one of the body's most important organs of detoxification and although it has a very sophisticated and complex detoxification system there is no doubt that its capacity can become overwhelmed by the … [Read more...]