Does Detox Work?

Does Detox Work?  Well according to Dr Dresser it doesn't! I am always on the look out for what is being said about detox and last week I came across a number of sites reporting on Dr Dresser's Detox Challenge for CBC Marketplace. The challenge tested the claims behind Dr. Oz's 2 day cleanse … [Read more...]

Does Detox Work Or Is It Pointless?

It started early this year. It's usually not until January that doctors speak out against detox. Last week a British doctor claimed that detox is pointless and and could be highly dangerous. Writing in the December issue of The Biologist,  Prof David Bender, professor of nutritional biochemistry at … [Read more...]

Does Detox Work or is it a Scam?

At the beginning of every year just when people are thinking of going on a detox diet to help them lose weight after the holiday season we get the headlines Detox is rubbish, Detox is a scam, Detox is a waste of money, Detox Diets are dangerous. You might well be asking does detox work? I recently … [Read more...]