Best Body Cleanse For A Fall Energy Boost

Fall is one of the key times to detox and Dr Sohère Roked has come up with the best body cleanse for an energy boost, ideal to get you through the upcoming holiday season and winter. Dr Sohère, who claims to be one of the UK's top holistic doctors specializing in tiredness, says she has taken the … [Read more...]

Control Emotional Stress To Reap the Full Benefits of Detox Diet

Have you ever considered the fact that the way you think might be related to the toxins in your body and brain? Feeling of anger, anxiety, panic, depression, neurotic behavior can all be the result of toxicity. And to create a vicious cycle, emotional stress or negative thoughts can, in turn, create … [Read more...]

Detox is great for the body but what about mind detox?

You may have already followed a detox diet because you wanted to feel better, have more energy, get better health but have you stopped to think about mind detox? Mind detox is taking charge of your thoughts and turning your negative and self-defeating beliefs and attitudes into positive thoughts and … [Read more...]