5 Tips For A Digital Detox

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De-stress And Relax With A Detox Bath Soak

Relaxing in the bath can be a great way to de-stress during the holiday season. A detox bath soak is a useful way to get rid of foreign chemicals that have accumulated in your body. Why not have the best of both worlds and relax in a detox bath? Detoxification baths work because the hot water … [Read more...]

Control Emotional Stress To Reap the Full Benefits of Detox Diet

Have you ever considered the fact that the way you think might be related to the toxins in your body and brain? Feeling of anger, anxiety, panic, depression, neurotic behavior can all be the result of toxicity. And to create a vicious cycle, emotional stress or negative thoughts can, in turn, create … [Read more...]

Detox: Treat Yourself to a 2 Day Home Spa Detox

Don't you sometimes feel that you would like to spend a weekend relaxing and indulging yourself  at a health spa? In these busy days of trying to balance work, family and social commitments it's often hard to find time for ourselves. Some "me time" is important to counteract the stresses of today's … [Read more...]

Try a Therapeutic Body Massage to Aid Natural Detox

With all the rushing about in preparation for Christmas wouldn't it be wonderful to lie down and have a wonderful, relaxing and therapeutic body massage?  You might regard this as a luxury but the word therapeutic means something that is good for you and good for your health. The history of massage … [Read more...]

How to Reduce Toxic Stress Chemicals that Overload Your Liver Detox and Make You Sick

Let's face it daily life is stressful enough but when it comes to this time of the year it just gets plain crazy. Planning festive meals, endless trips to the supermarket, shopping for presents, parties, finishing off work projects, the list is endless. Stress levels just soar as December creeps up … [Read more...]

Stress – Tips for Coping with Holiday Stress this Christmas

Christmas is typically one of the most stressful events of the year but our everyday lives seem to have become increasingly more stressful. We all seem to have been affected in some way by the economic crisis and with the media constantly thrusting doom and gloom down our throats it's hard to stay … [Read more...]