Is the January Dryathlon Enough To Detox Your Liver?

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Is Your Hair Dye Damaging Your Liver And Risking Your Life?

If you use hair dye to look younger or improve the way you look you could actually be shortening your life.  In England a 17 year old girl recently died in hospital after she reacted badly to Para- Phenylendiamine (PPD) an ingredient in the hair dye she used to darken her hair. Although it has not … [Read more...]

How to Detox from Alcohol Addiction

If you are having trouble giving up alcohol for your detox maybe you are more addicted to it than you thought. Many people rely on a glass of wine or beer before dinner to unwind from the stresses of the day be it work or home. And many couples enjoy a bottle of wine every evening with dinner. Some … [Read more...]