Cure Leaky Gut Before You Detox

Having a healthy gut strengthens your body's first line of defence.  It's now recognised that tiny leaks in the lining of small intestine known as leaky gut overload the liver and it is essential to cure leaky gut before you start a detox. In the last decade there has been a new awareness of one of … [Read more...]

New Warnings about Toxic Bisphenol A in Plastic Drinks Bottles

Scientists have been warning us that Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical that is used for the production of drink and food containers, food can linings and babies bottles, is toxic for a number of years. They are concerned that it leaches from the plastic into our food and water. Researchers have linked … [Read more...]

Detox Boosts Your Immune System But Can Natural Remedies Beat Swine Flu?

With accusations that the media is whipping up unnecessary fear and frenzy and shocking hints that this outbreak of swine flu has been deliberately engineered by an American pharmaceutical company and amounts to bio-terrorism, we cannot deny the fact that people have already died from it. What we … [Read more...]