How to Use Turmeric for Lymphedema

 Source: Before we get to using turmeric for lymphedema, let’s get to understand the condition. Lymphedema is a condition that occurs when there is an abnormal fluid retention in the lymph nodes. Ideally, any excess fluids in the body … [Read more...]

The Secrets Of Using Fresh Turmeric Root For Detox

Have you tried turmeric root in your detox juices yet? According to recent reports turmeric root is the ingredient "du jour" and the new contender for the superfood of the year crown. You probably know turmeric as that yellow powder which is used in Indian cooking but it's the fresh root that … [Read more...]

Spice Up Your Healthy Diet To Detox Gently In Winter

Spices can perk up any meal and are fantastic for your health. Winter is not the time for following a very restrictive detox diet but you can still eat healthily and add spices that will not only warm you up but will help you gently detox too. Spices have been used traditionally in Natural medicine … [Read more...]

Spice up your Liver Detox with Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice that has been a vital part of Chinese herbal and Ayurvedic Medicine for centuries. It is the spice that gives curry powder its distinctive golden yellow color and is also known as Indian saffron. It has recently become popular in the Western world due to it's multiple health … [Read more...]