Why You Should Do A Heavy Metal Detox for Optimal Health

With the shocking news that counterfeit makeup laced with heavy metals has been flooding the market in the UK  journalists have been pointing out the amount of damage that they could cause in the body. None mention the fact that a heavy metal detox could help get them out. While a number of … [Read more...]

How A Heavy Metal Detox Could Restore Your Health

Have you ever considered that heavy metals could be the cause of your health problems? You might be very surprised at how many of your symptoms could disappear when you do a heavy metal detox. Two friends of mine asked me recently if I knew of any natural solution for their conditions. One has … [Read more...]

Heavy Metal Toxicity – How To Detox Heavy Metals

Heavy metal toxicity is a problem that occurs in many health conditions and diagnoses. Metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic and  aluminum ( a light metal) are known neurotoxins. Heavy metal toxicity can cause everything from joint pain, brain fog,  fatigue and memory loss to inability to focus … [Read more...]

Radiation Detox

With everyone concerned about the effects of radiation from the Japanese nuclear reactors disaster I thought that a few tips about radiation detox would be a good idea. I have already written a short article on my Facebook fan page but here is an excellent article from Dr Caroline Dean, MD, ND that … [Read more...]

Detox Mercury If You Want To Cure Candida For Good

Many practitioners and holistic doctors believe that the deeper underlying cause of Candida overgrowth is due to mercury toxicity. If you suspect you have a Candida problem or have been diagnosed with Candida overgrowth then it's better to consider mercury toxicity now rather than later after you … [Read more...]